2015 Kill Streaks

This Kill Streak thread will be ongoing but at the end of each month the top kill streaks of that month will receive prizes based on their placing. Prizes will be paid out monthly. All kill streaks that are higher than previous posted kill streaks will be archived in the Hall of Fame. February submissions for kill streaks are now open.



1) One person cannot hold multiple ranks within the same or between the two categories.
2) If a tie were to happen the two people will receive a 50/50 split of that place and the following. EX a tie for 1st of deathless, the two people would both receive $42.50   ((50+35)/2).
3) Each submission must be of that month.
4) If the player’s information is not received in the allotted time, the prize will be given to the next place holder.
5) Any person receiving a prize is free to waive it.


January’s winners are as follows:


Without Deaths

1st – CPKevin 42-0 Void Ray $50 + Razer Deathadder Chroma

2nd – mustardtiger 41-0 Vulture $35

3rd – Papasmurf 30.5-0 Brutalisk $30

4th – wiwup 26-0 Sentry N/A

5th – Achilles 25-0 Ghost N/A


Regardless of Deaths

1st – Diaval 57-3(54) Phoenix $40 + Razer Deathadder Chroma

2nd – Ixidor 49-14(35) Baneling $25

3rd – DarkAngel 35-1(34) Phoenix $20

4th – John 31-1(30) Ghost N/A

4th – Watermelon 31-1(30) Predator N/A


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