Achilles’s Seductive and Sexy Medick guide


Call me when the swelling goes down…. on second thought, just call me. ;)


The Medick is probably the best hero and the sexiest in this game nuff said. The end. Nah on the real doe dis hero is fine as hell and op when used right. It’s the ultimate support unit and is a big game changer when in team fights. On top of heals the medick carries it has great stun abilities too. This hero is under used yet it’s an essential hero over all especially in team fights.







ImageQ: Heal- (self-explanatory but I guess)

Allows you heal friendly units except for buildings or flying units.

Image W: Optical flare aka blind

Blind a unit and stun for a short time. Also lets u reveal cloaked nigguhs in hiding

Image E: Sedate aka Sleep aka night night nigguh

Put a nigguh to sleep. Or stun same shit.

ImageR: Irradiate aka AIDS

Basically you give a nigguh Aids and they slowly die

Image T: Restoration

You heal all yo nigguhs back to full health.

Skill Order:


If your laning against a cloaked hero then getting W (optical flare) is a priority but u only need one lvl of it since Aids also keeps them uncloaked.

Core Items:

Early/Mid game

Port, Speed, Lockdown, Domination, Defensive Matrix

Late game

Port, Speed, Lockdown, Defensive Matrix, Psi Amplifier


Early Game:

As a medic it is best that you try and crit sense being a little ahead will make all the difference in team fights. Using domination while crittering will bring you more money and get you to a higher level faster. Usually by the 10 min mark you want to be a level 7. Since you are crittering and will usually have more money, it is important that you try your best to buy after burners. It is possible to have speed, lockdown and domination by the 10 min mark even after buying after burners. If you have all these items at the 10 min mark then you should sell dom in order to get lvl 1 energy and armor. Using dom to crit is useful only after 15 mins since flying units won’t take damage from critters.  If you only have domination by that time then you should sell and replace with lock down. Once you are done crittering you want focus on ganks. Its best that you team up with heros that have a lot of dps or burst damage so that you can get your teammates fed (Tank, Viking, Ghost ect). It’s important that you don’t kill steal anyone since you’re only supposed to be supporting not carrying the team. You also want to be doming air units and using them to crit if possible or to push lanes. Once again using dom will be most effective after 15 mins when flying units come out.

Mid game

By now you should already have around lvl 2 or lvl 3 energy. This will be necessary since you need to have enough to sustained heals and stuns. Buying defensive matrix will be the next priority after lvl 3 energy. Again this hero is concentrated on ganks and heals you need to be with another hero to be most useful. During mid game if your using your dom units to crit then it is vital for you to buy expos or upgrades as you may see necessary. Personally I get my core items before I start buying any upgrades or expos if im critting with dom units, since I usually buy afterburners early on. Having good map awareness is crucial with a medic so that you are able to respond to any gank or help save a teammate.

Late game

During late game you should have all your key items. Note: selling dom doesn’t un-dom your units. So you will still be able to crit with them as long as you don’t die ;P. Again your hero is all about support and heals. So during this time you will again need to stick with someone. Respond to pings as much as possible and have map awareness doesn’t take long to look over and see how your other teammates are doing. Doing so will help you save them and get your team ahead. I think this hero is the most team oriented in the game. If you play this hero you need to be a team player. Sacrificing yourself to save teammates when necessary is a part of playing this hero.




Heal shit, crit shit, and give nigguhs aids. Nuff said. Medick FTW


watermelon 11-01-2015, 11:50

😯 lol

Christoknight 21-12-2014, 11:07

This guide tho

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Consilience 16-12-2014, 00:12

just…wow. nice work

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