aidsmaster’s Guide for Hydra

Hero Attack 3X hydralisk hero

Hero Attack 3X Hydralisk Hero

Hydra is probably the most overpowered zerg hero. If you like having a lot of kills and make people rage quit. This hero is for you…

Image Q: Poison Spine
Allows the hero to shoot a poisonous spine at a target dealing 30 damage and slows movement speed by 10%/ 45 damage and slows movement speed by 15%/ and deals 60 damage and slows movement and attack speed by 20%.

ImageW: Anabolic Frenzy
Allows the hero to gain a lifesteal bonus which grants +75% lifesteal and +20% movment speed/ 100% lifesteal and +30% movement speed/ and +125% lifesteal and +40% movement speed.

ImageE: Multiple Spines
Allows hero to shoot multiple spines at once firing 1/2/3 additional spines.

Image T: Toxic Ga
Toxic gas cause all enemy units to lose life 2% of the their life and shield each second/ units lost 3% of their life and shield each second.

ImageR:Hunter Killer Essence
Increases the movement speed and attack range of the hero by +10% movement speed and +.5 range/ +20% movment speed and +1 range/ +30% movement speed and +1.5 range.

Image 1.Pod
Image2.Aerodynamic Caraspace
Image 3.Enhanced Cellular Life
Image 4.Venom
Image 5.Spawn broodling

Skill order:

Q,R,Q,R,Q,R,E,E,E,R,R,W,W,W, stats for rest

Early Game: I usually lane with a hero that has stun, such as a corrupter or lurker. I get skill “Q” first because once my allies start ganking with stuns, you want to be able to “kill steal.” When enemy is close to dead use skill Q and you will get all the minerals for yourself :) Try to be aggressive and deny enemy exp, so get skill R for range.

Mid game: Hydra is overpowered from the start but here is where you get ALL the kills. I suggest get all the items on the list first, then go for level 5 weapons straight. No need for armor because most likely you will just be in the back doing the damage while one of your teammates takes the enemy damage for you. At this point you should be level 7, get additional spines. Additional spines and level 5 weapons will let your clear waves so fast getting so much minerals it will help pay for armor within 10 min.

Late game: Keep working on stats and ganking heros. Make sure you use spawn broodling to keep stunning enemy hero and remember to use ability Q when enemy hero is almost dead.

Have fun Kill stealing and your teammates getting pissed 😀 If you play hydra correctly, most likely your enemy will say your playing a broken hero 😉


ArtVandelay 22-12-2014, 14:51

I’ve always gone extra spines first (especially against lings/marines). Gets you extra feed early. Q will punish over extending heroes though if you have ganking teammates with you.

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