aidsmaster’s Guide for Nydus Worm

Introduction: Nydus Worm hero is probably the tankiest hero for zerg, besides Ultralisk. I just recently tried Nydus in an In House to see if it is playable and it definitely is. Enemy players will get pissed and rage that you are playing a “broken hero” because it’s so hard to kill this OP hero. There are endless possibilities for this hero. It can BD, Defend base, and gank heroes.

ImageSkills: Parasitic Worm (Q) – Parasitic worm deals deals damage to enemy and infects the target with a parasitic worm for 25 seconds. If the unit dies while it is infected, a wormling will be created. Deals 15/25/35

ImageLeap (W) – Allows the hero to use leap.This hero deals splash damage to all enemy structures that are in the way. 40 energy cost and 10 second cooldown/30 engergy cost and 7 second cooldown/20 energy cost and 5 second cooldown.

ImageLeech Life: (E) – Allows the nydus hero to steal life on every attack. 12.5% lifesteal/25% lifesteal/37.5% lifesteal

Image Annelid Regeneration (R) – Every time the hero takes damage, there is a chance that the hero will produce a wormling. 5% chance/ 7% chance/ 9% chance

Image Deep Tunnel (T) – Nydus worm hero surfaces at a targeted location. The hero deals splash damage and pulls enemy units within 5 rang inwards for 10 seconds. Energy cost 100, cooldown 120/ Energy 75, cooldown 90.

Skill Order: Q,R,Q,R,Q,R,T,W,E,E,E,W,W,T – stats the rest

Image1. Nydus Worm
Image2. Aerodynamic Caraspace
Image3. Enhanced Cellular Life
Image 4. Vampirism
Image 5. Organic Carapace/Venom/Spawn Broodling or Transfusion would be good
-I preferably go spawn broodling, then trap them with my ultimate and its easy kill. (For Ganking)
-I go Transfusion when I am bding and need to heal myself
There is always a reason as to why I get a specific item, but everyone has different preferences of items and skills for each hero. Go with what you are comfortable with.

Early Game: I would critter for about 10 min and keep using ability Q on the units so you can produce wormling. You can use these wormlings for farms. Get Aerodynamic Caraspace, Enhanced Cellular Life and Vamparism. The last item can wait till late game.

Mid Game: You should max level 5 weapons as fast as possible because it already is tanky hero enough, so no need for armor first. I would suggest going mid and using the Leap ability and clear as many waves as possible. Use your ultimate to gank heroes.

Late Game: By now you should have all level 5 weapons and level 5 armor with all your farms and clearing mid waves as much as possible. You need to be able to take the damage in team fights, so make sure you up stats as much as possible. If you are losing, you can try bding to drag enemy heroes back to defend. You can defend base by setting wormlings in base for patrol. Respond to pings and gank hard.

My guides are really short, but I hope are helpful 😀

View this video below of Nydus Worm Hero gameplay:


aidsmaster 31-01-2015, 15:52

-To lane as nydus I would use the same skill order because you can use the Q ability to be aggressive, yet at the same time play defensively. I wouldn’t straight up start attacking the creep, I would be within distance to get the experience, spam ability Q to get wormings, start farming as soon as possible. Laning as Nydus Worm is definitely tricky though. If laning I would go armor first, and get leap ability probably at level 4, just incase they decide to gank you.
-Yeah i have tried Glaive Wurms before, it works perfectly well (in beginning). I do occasionally get Glaive Wurms, but it seems weak late game so I don’t see point in getting it, considering in my opinion there are better items you can use besides that. I mean as long as you farm whole map and up stats, enemy heroes can’t kill you because you will already be OP. But yeah using ulti/spawn broodling/ razor swarm is really good combo. I not sure if you saw me do that in video or not.

Primo 31-01-2015, 14:06

How would you lane as a Nydus Worm? Lord knows in pubs there is always that one guy who calls crits and will take them no matter what or will troll you the rest of the game.

Primo 31-01-2015, 13:58

I watched your video bro. The only thing I would do differently is get Glaive Wurms during critting and razor swarm as soon as you have the energy to support it. Early Glaive Wurms will help you clear crits and waves much faster. Also, Glaive Wurms will up your dps a good bit when you use your ulti, Ulti/Razor Swam combo with Gaive Wurms can burst down just about any hero.

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