aidsmaster’s Guide for Reaper



Reaper is probably one of the most annoying heros to fight against with stuns and certainly one of the best for getting kills. Reaper can bd and gank. It is a very versatile hero with its incredible speed.

Image Q: D8 Charge
D8 charge deals 20/30/40 (per level) damage

ImageW: Gas Mask
Increases attack speed by 5/10/15% and life regeneration by .6/1.2/1.8 life per second

ImageE: Berserk
Increases attack speed by 100/150/200%

ImageR: Nitro Pack:
Increases movement speed by 18/36/54%

ImageT: Jet Pack:
Ability to jump

Skill order:
W,R,W,R,W,R,T,E,E,E,T then stats for rest

Image1. Jotun Boosters
Image 2. Concussive attacks
Image 3. Lockdown
Image 4. Pod
Image 5. Cellular Reactor

Early game
I usually critter for about 10 minutes, by then you should have all the necessary items except lockdown.

Mid game
By now, you should be at least level 7, so try to grab all towers to get vision of whole map. Now you should get lockdown. Start to gank by responding to pings. Just attack hero until half dead, then use lockdown and use Berserk. Easy kill. In my opinion you should get level 5 weapons first. That way when you gank, you will get the kill and will have plenty of minerals to get armor later.

Late game
Keep ganking and responding to pings. Reaper is not a hero that can solo, unless fed. You need to work as a team. Up stats as much as possible.


A video of Reaper Hero gameplay is below:

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