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Thor Is Here!

Terran_10Introduction: Thor was one of the first heroes I ever learned. It is not used very often in IH’s but I hope to change it. Thor is basically used as being the shield and take all the enemy damage for all the weak heroes on your team. I will tell you in this guide how to make this hero playable and succeed in an IH level.

ImageStrike Cannons (Q) – 7 range, deals 45 damage to target unit/ 8 range, deals 67.5 damage to target unit/ 9 range deals 90 damage to target unit.

ImageStomp (W) – 7 range and deals 27 damage/ 8 range and deals 40.5 damage/ range and deals 54 damage.

ImageJavelin Missiles (E) Javelin Missiles have 6 range and 2 missiles are fired on each attack/ Javelin Missiles have 8 range and 3 missiles are fired on each attack/ Javelin Missiles have 10 range and 4 missiles are fired on each attack

Image Vehicle Plating (R) – 10% damage reduction/ 20% damage reduction/ 30% damage reduction.

Image Megingjord Protocol (T) – Ult skill. Allows the thor hero to use the megingjord protocol. All enemies in a radius of 5 are forced to attack the hero. By doing so, it gains bonus damage reduction. Level 1 lasts 10 seconds granting 15% damage reduction and Level 2 lasts 15 seconds granting 25% damage reduction.

Skill order if opposing team has Air Heroes: Q,R,Q,R,Q,R,E,E,E,W,W,W,T,T – stats rest

Skill order if opposing team has no Air heroes: Q,R,Q,R,Q,R,W,W,W,E,E,E,T,T – stats rest

Items:Image 1. Pod

Image 2. Jotun Boosters
Image 3. Lockdown
Image4. Domination
Image 5. Defensive Matrix

Early game: Spam ability (Q) as much as possible. It makes the enemy hero keep spending all their money on dropships and pods. Try to be very aggressive because Thor has decently long range. I like to up weapons as fast as possible because Thor is already tanky even without armor. The (Q) ability acts as a stun so it is great for ganking and does a lot of damage.

Mid game: I would suggest getting domination and start spreading as much farms as possible. This way you can help up units/ afterburners/ or even create expo. Stay mid lane and by this time you should have ability (W) and some armor, which means you can clear waves easily. I think Thor’s ability (E) is op vs all air units. I would wait until enemy hero is on low health to use (Q), that way you can kill steal and get all the minerals.

Late game: Use Defensive Matrix on any allies heroes to save them from dying or use lockdown to gank or either get away. Remember to up stats, gank and respond to pings. Thor is not a hero that can solo because its slow, you need to be able to use teamwork.


diaval 20-01-2015, 19:38

this hero is a transformer ya? 😀

diaval 20-01-2015, 19:38


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