BigMac’s Bby <3 (Viking)


Hero Attack 3X Viking Hero

*Viking is one of my favorite Terran hero i like to play, Viking is good at harassing in late or mid game.Vikings are classified as air superiority fighters… I play viking because of its ability to be able to take out units like nothing and to run around sniping hero’s. Viking has a strong fire power and great skills! * In this guide you will learn my way of playing my bby!


ImageQ- Assault: allows the viking hero to use an uleashing frontal attack on a enemy target, Viking cannot move while using this ability.

Cooldown: 12 Energy cost: 35 Range:7

Image W- Cherry Bomb: allows hero to launch a cherry bomb at a targeted point, launching from the ground it will knock enemy’s back and stun for 0.5 sexonds. Launching frim Da Air will knock enemys to the air, allowing  the viking to attack whyile flying. Cherry Bombs has 2% to not fire.

level 1: 50 energy and 10 range , Level 2: 40 energy and 12 range Level 3: 30 energy and 14 range.

Image E-RipWave: Allows the viking to cast ripwave causing the viking to quickly shoot forward dealing 15 damage in a radius of  2 at takeoff point and 30 dmg to units in its path. Viking will shoot farther if he is already in fighter mode.

lvl 1: 50 energy, 14 cooldown, lvl 2: 40 energy 12 cooldown, lvl 30 energy and 10 cooldown

Image T- Fly: allows the viking hero to switch from fighter mode to flying mode.

lvl 1: 1 energy per second, lvl 2: 0.5 energy per sexc


Skill Order: this is probably the most efficient way to go 😉

QEQWQET …. by lvl 7 dont really matter as long as it comes up that way . (but Q first)

QEQWQETEWRRWR …… Stats the rest



Image Drop Pod (always): drops u back to beacon

Image Jotun Boosters: increase movement speed

Image Ocular Implants: increase sights

Image LockDown: locks ur enemy down.

Whatever u want bby <3

You should get Movement speed before anything else, after u have that… u could start working on your Weapon lvl 5 or whateves u wants.


Early Game: Rush to Towersss!! vision is as important as teamwork ……Viking has a strong attack and is great at denying xp ( shooting at heros instead of comp). When beginning u should try and max ur Q move first , that is what will help u while attack. You should try and be aggressive to other hero’s and use teamwork to gank hero.

Mid-Game: (lvl 7-12) You should try and kill off enemy units with your skills as in using your bomb and ur Q skill… (flying). Viking is too push lanes, especially with the zone drop viking can easily use his bomb.  That way it is easy to take map control.


Conclusion: Fuck shit up! viking FTW <3




Achilles 22-12-2014, 14:37

Yeah the guide could us a little more content but in the end these guides are supposed to be noob friendly some thing easy to understand nothing so long and boring that it will make people not want to read it and besides there can be more than one guide to a hero. Anyway thanks for the effort Bigmac and great job, but obviously my MEDICK guide is probably best guide ever made. ;;P

ArtVandelay 22-12-2014, 14:15

Yeah, needs to explain that ripwave can trash lings/marines pretty early if you time it right. It gets you lots of early feed and allows you to Assult heroes easier.

Christoknight 22-12-2014, 11:17

No worries

Darkangel 22-12-2014, 10:14

This guide is lacking content.

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