Brutalisk- The slow ASSassin

The Slow ASSassin


The Brutalisk is a great mid-late game hero for zerg. It is one of my favorites because of its ability to take out high profile targets. Its a bit slow and slow to start but but if given a lil TLC, you will completely wreck with this hero.


Core Items:

ImageGlaive Wurms: Passively attacks units in a range of 3 every 3 seconds and bounces up to 3 times. Its insane how much this item helps get
your farm up early game. Getting zoned out of lane? With this you can now “auto attack” at a range of 3. Having trouble clearing crits?
This item and a nydus will also fix that problem.
Image Spawn Broodlings: Fires a pair of broodlings that last 20 seconds(unless killed), stuns the target 1.5 seconds and deals 20 + ( 2 x level).
The Brutalisk Hero is slow AF, this helps catch those fast heroes and adds some DPS as well.
Image Aerodynamic Carapace: Increases base speed by .75. Every hero needs this.
Image Enhanced Cellular Life: 25% extra life. This item will make you into 25% more of a tank.


Situational Items:

Image Overseers: If you’re against cloaked heroes.
ImageScourges: Spawn Scourges: Creates a pair of scourges with timed life of 180 seconds and deals 60 + (6 x level).
IF you need additional help taking down air heroes.
ImageNydus: Also good to bring one if you are planning on backdooring :).



I normally prioritize weapons over armor and energy to be able to burst down heroes quicker. Armor will come 2nd, and you need just
energy to use your abilities.
EX: level 3 attack -> level 2 armor -> level 2 energy -> level 5 attack -> level 5 armor -> level 3/4 energy -> stats.


Brutalisk role:

A good Brutalisk will be feared throughout the map. You can win 1vs1 with most heroes and even pull off 1vs2 and 1vs3 if you
become very fed. Its your job to take out high profile targets. Support heros and high damamge carry heroes take priority. In other words,
don’t mind the tank.


Early game(up to ~ 10 minutes):

This is the hardest stage for a Brutalisk. If you can get lucky and get a critter spot, you will have an easy day. Last hitting with
Brutalisk can be difficult. Try and go for the attack just as the critter gets hit by 3 spine crawlers. Now, if you are stuck laning, it
can get very hard depending which hero you are against. Many heroes can deny you experience early game. Just try hard to stay in experience
range. Get nydus with your first 150 minerals unless someone has already. First item will be glaive wurm. This will help you farm without
being in melee range. Once you have nydus you can really harrass enemy heroes. Spam your Q and W skills on your enemy later, nydus back
to base and repeat.


Mid game(~ 10-20 minutes):

If all went well in your laning/critting early game phases, you should be level 7. Try to farm double waves with your ultimate as much as
possible. At this stage in the game you will start to get fed if you can consistently clear waves. Its about this time where you can 1v1
just about every hero on the map. Still be very cautious. A death or two here can set you back and prevent you from snowballing.


Late game(~20+ minutes):

This is where the Brutalisk shines. Wherever you go, they will try to avoid you. Continue to farm double waves but try to focus a lot moreĀ on taking out high priority enemy heroes.


Skills and Skill Order:

Image Pounce(Q): This is your initiating skill. Its good to get at least 1 level of this skill until Rampage and Spiky Carapace are maxed.
Image Rampage(W): This is your main DPS. You will want to max this skill out first.
Image Ferocious Spew(E): Allows the Brutalisk to attack air. Not really needed early but once flying heroes get flight, get this. You only need
one level of this skill until Rampage, Spiky Carapace, and Pounce are maxed.
Image Spiky Carapace(R): Gives the Brutalisk armor with damage return. By getting this skill early on it helps you survive without having to
invest in armor.
Image Roar(T): This is our main farm ability. Get this at levels 7 and 14.


What does Primo do?

Q,W,W,R,W,R,T,R,E,Q,Q,E,E,T then stats.

Now that we have at least the basics down about this hero, go rek some nubs :).


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