[CaptPlanet] – How To Play VIKING Like a BAWWSS





Viking is my favorite hero to play. Viking dominates air in general. Viking counters many heroes. When it is on the ground, it is very strong vs melee attack heroes and when it is on the air, it even can 1v1 carrier if controlled right. Right combination of skills can enable Viking to win the lane. Mine is little bit different from BigMac’s Viking hero guide and also I will be more detail in how to use skills properly (:





Image Q (ASSAULT): This skill is a main skill for Viking. It slows down the enemy hero’s movement speed significantly when it is used while Viking is on the GROUND. It gives a significant damage to a targeted hero while Viking is on the air as well.

Image W (CHERRYBOMB): Cherrybomb will give a stun to enemy units or heroes for about a second if it is used on the ground. This skill can be used before using Q skill. If cherrybomb is used right behind the enemy hero, cherrybomb will pull him closer to you with a stun. Right after that, Q skill can be used. While Viking is on the air, however, cherrybomb will launch enemy units on the air for couple seconds, allowing Viking to attack those units while flying.

ImageE (RIPWAVE): This skill allows Viking to shoot forward fast causing 30 damage to units around it. This skill is not used for giving a damage to enemies. But Ripwave enables Viking to run away from the gank. Ripwave can be used to chase a hero as well.

Image R (BATTLE TACTICS): This skill increases Viking’s attack speed while on the ground and moving speed while on the air.

Image T (FLY): This skill is available when you reach level 7. It enables Viking to fly. While on a flight mode, it drains Viking’s mana until level 14.



Q -> E -> Q -> W -> Q -> R -> T -> R -> R -> E -> W -> E -> W -> T -> Stats

*It is important to master R before skill E or W. I mastered R last when I first played Viking, but it turns out that R will do even more damage to enemy units because it increases attack speed. E and W are supplementary skills for me so I master them later. Q skill, however, must be mastered first as soon as possible.



Image1. Jotun Booster (Increasing Moving Speed)

Image 2. Regenerative Bio-Steel (Regenerating HP)

Image 3. Lockdown (Lockdown)

Image 4. Matrix (Temporal HP Shield) -> This item is needed in late game. It will help Viking survive in the battle.

5. Whatever you feel like you need.



Image 1. Damage Level 3

Image 2. Mana Level 1

Image 3. Damage Level 5

Image4. Armor Level 5

Image5. Damage Master

Image 6. Mana Master

Image7. Armor Master

*Having early mana also helps you because Viking’s skills drain mana very fast in a short period of time. It depends on the situations. If your enemy heroes give you a significant amount of damage and you die quickly, then you up Armor first. However, most of the time, Viking needs its strong damage power against enemy units. So I encourage you to up damage levels first.


*In early game, make sure you be aggressive in attacking enemy hero. Once you get Q skill, use it constantly on your enemy hero while controlling and pushing lane at the same time. By the time you reach level 2, you will get E skill. When you lower enemy’s HP significantly, use E skill to shoot forward targeting the enemy hero and chase him until he dies! :D.

*In mid game, level up fast by wiping out the wave of enemy creeps (using Cherrybomb and Assault while on flight mode).

*In late game, harass enemy and keep clearing the incoming wave of enemy creeps. It will help your team push forward even more.

*If you are against Protoss, make sure you be with your teammates because Protoss heroes will use “Dweb” against your Viking. Dweb will temporarily disable you to fly around and they will start ganking you. But if you have couple teammates with you, they will lockdown enemy heroes for you and you can run away from the gank by using “E” skill (;.

*GLHF. Don’t KS like me. (;









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