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Official 5v5 Tournament

By popular demand, this is the first post for the Official 5v5 Tournament.

-Players can enter in teams of 3 or as individuals.
-After signups are closed, team captains will draft individuals to complete their team of 5.
-Number of teams will be based on interest. Teams who sign up later may be asked to enter as individuals to meet player requirements.
-Player draft will be serpentine ie. the captain with first pick in the first round will have last pick in the second round.
-Games are expected to be played during scheduled times. The scheduled times are 9-12 EST Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

-Teams will play each other once during a round robin.
-After the round robin, teams will be seeded 1 through 4 for the page playoff.
-Seeds 1 and 2 and seeds 3 and 4 will play each other. Winner between 1 and 2 moves on to the final, the loser plays the winner of 3 and 4 in the semifinal. Winner of the semifinal will move on to the final.
-Playoff rounds will be best of 3.
-Maps for each game will be predetermined after the teams are finalized.

-Teams can use one sub per game.
-Subs can only play for one team in the tournament, with the exception of myself. To make the sub process easier, I will be available to sub for any team.
-Subs must be agreed upon by both captains.
-There are no hero, race, or item bans.

Signup thread is open here.

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twitch livestream

Interested in streaming while you’re playing HA3X? Currently we’re listing only¬†Twitch.tv accounts. If you have one and you’d like it to be displayed here, just ask or leave a message in the forums. If you don’t have an account on twitch and are interested in how to stream,¬†feel free to drop a message (read comments first) in the forums thread and someone will get to you.


In House


Rules and Expectations

Here are In House Rules and Expectations that help keep our In House Communityfun and competitive.

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In House Chat Room & Live Support

Currently, ourIn House Community is using KaKao Talk talk application to commicate in text live.

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  • Hero attack 3X is a free arcade game on Star Craft 2.
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