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Warhound Guide by Maigoh


The warhound hero can be absolutely deadly in the early and middle game, but it can fall off quickly in the late game if you don’t keep up. Its skills rely a little bit on luck, but you can do a lot to tip the odds in your favour.

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Vulture Hero Guide by Maigoh


The vulture is a good farming, laning, and ganking hero. It’s not a good tank or a particularly good support but it is versatile and very deadly. Probably the best thing about vulture is that it can outrun anything it can’t kill.

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aidsmaster’s Guide for Thor



HA3X Thor Hero

Thor Is Here!

Terran_10Introduction: Thor was one of the first heroes I ever learned. It is not used very often in IH’s but I hope to change it. Thor is basically used as being the shield and take all the enemy damage for all the weak heroes on your team. I will tell you in this guide how to make this hero playable and succeed in an IH level.

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Primo’s Firebat Guide – Smells Like… Victory

Let's Burn
Let's Burn

Lets Burn


The Firebat hero was one of the first heroes I learned to play at an IH level. It is currently the primary tank and backdoor hero for terran. It has the ability to absorb a decent amount of damage, output a bit of damage, and excels at backdooring. In this guide, I will go over how to play as an efficient and successful firebat.





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Predator “Kitty on the Prowl” Guide by Darkangel

Darkangel’s Guide to Winning the Kitty War

Base stats
Model: Predator
Race: Terran
HP: 300
Energy: 125
Damage: 15
Attack Speed: 1
Targets: Ground
Range: Melee
Move Speed: 3
Armor: 2

Table of contents:

1. Quick Guide
2. Introduction
3. Skills
4. Skill Order
5. Items
6. How to Fight
7. Gameplay
8. Conclusion

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In House


Rules and Expectations

Here are In House Rules and Expectations that help keep our In House Communityfun and competitive.

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Kakao Talk


In House Chat Room & Live Support

Currently, ourIn House Community is using KaKao Talk talk application to commicate in text live.

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