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Vulture Hero Guide by Maigoh


The vulture is a good farming, laning, and ganking hero. It’s not a good tank or a particularly good support but it is versatile and very deadly. Probably the best thing about vulture is that it can outrun anything it can’t kill.

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Nydus Worm Guide by Maigoh

Nydus Worm Hero

The nydus worm is a tank. That’s pretty much all it does. I tried to come up with a better introduction but I couldn’t. It’s a really good tank.

There are a lot of situational things and nuances to worm (as for every hero) so I won’t go into too much detail but I’ll highlight the important stuff.

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Phoenix Guide by Maigoh


The phoenix is a fast support and ganking hero. It requires some careful play to prevent dying in the early stages, but once you get things up and running you are almost unstoppable. However, you are unable to win the game on your own so you must help your teammates.

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Primo’s Hybrid Reaver Guide

Hybrid Reaver


The Hybrid Reaver Hero is currently Zerg’s primary tank hero. It an irreplaceable unit in a team fight Zerg composition. It is also an IH viable hero. In this guide I will go over everything you need to know to become a competent Hybrid Reaver player.

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aidsmaster’s Guide for Nydus Worm

Nydus Worm Hero

Introduction: Nydus Worm hero is probably the tankiest hero for zerg, besides Ultralisk. I just recently tried Nydus in an In House to see if it is playable and it definitely is. Enemy players will get pissed and rage that you are playing a “broken hero” because it’s so hard to kill this OP hero. There are endless possibilities for this hero. It can BD, Defend base, and gank heroes.

ImageSkills: Parasitic Worm (Q) – Parasitic worm deals deals damage to enemy and infects the target with a parasitic worm for 25 seconds. If the unit dies while it is infected, a wormling will be created. Deals 15/25/35

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In House


Rules and Expectations

Here are In House Rules and Expectations that help keep our In House Communityfun and competitive.

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Kakao Talk


In House Chat Room & Live Support

Currently, ourIn House Community is using KaKao Talk talk application to commicate in text live.

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