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Real version of Hero Attack 3x.

The real version of Hero Attack 3x is authored by akuma within StarCraft 2. It is updated regularly by game developer nubbins. Please be careful of other versions of Hero Attack 3x as they are not the real game and have hacks within their maps (and may even have viruses / maphacks).

To verify the correct version, look at the author as shown on this image below.

What is In House?


“Wanna join IH?” “IH?” “Come IH” “Yo come IH” are just several IH messages In House players receive every night when they’re on StarCraft 2.

What exactly is IH? IH are competitive games arranged by a collection of experienced players.  Is it the same as “pubbing”? Pubbing is when someone, or a party, queue’s up for a public HA3X game. In the case of IH, the party starts off with a group of at least 10 or more players queue’ing up for a private game.  They then assign 2 captains or take volunteers to form their teams.

When are IH games played and how to join? IH games are pretty much played every night. Message mustardtiger in game or log on the forums and post your Kakao username to join. For more details: http://forum.ha3x.net/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=4767

IH-9 – Thursday, March 19 @ 11pm EST


Based on the success of IH-8, IH-9 is also going to have unique rules to make the game a little different. The objective will be to destroy the opponent’s Hive, CC, or Nexus just like a regular game. It will be a mirror race game, with the race determined by the captains. Hero selection will be done through a draft, with each hero only being available once. Captains will pick heroes in the opposite order that they selected teams. For example, if Captain A gets first player pick, Captain B will get first hero pick. The draft for players and for heroes will be 1-1-1-1.

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GCity vsRektHA/Defy 2/12/15 @ 9:30pm EST


GCity is looking for pple to play against at 9:30pm EST this Thursday. May have plans to face some RektHA and Defy members, but we’ll see. Will try to grab a streamer (let me know if you’re interested in streaming).



IH-6 will be Sunday, February 8th at 11pm EST and will be streamed live on this site. IH-5 had 85 viewers so sign-up and show off your skills.

-All races allowed
-Each team gets 2 hero bans (No auto-bans)

Sign up here.

In House


Rules and Expectations

Here are In House Rules and Expectations that help keep our In House Communityfun and competitive.

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Kakao Talk


In House Chat Room & Live Support

Currently, ourIn House Community is using KaKao Talk talk application to commicate in text live.

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Contact Information

  • Hero Attack 3X
  • Live support can reached
  • via forums or Kakao talk.
  • Our staff will get back
    to you asap.

Download Information

  • Hero attack 3X is a free arcade game on Star Craft 2.
  • To play Hero Attack 3X, you need to download download StarCraft 2. Read more.