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Large Critter Patch(Ursa) Desert

Marine meme

This is more of a short video than a guide. It can be accomplished easily with any hero that has a ranged auto attack. If you are a melee hero that has a ranged ability, Firebat’s Q, Dark Zealot’s W, Brutalisk’s Q, Etc just use it to last hit the ursa.


Dark Templar Highlights

A Guide to Expansions


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What is an ‘expo’? What does it do? Do you have to buy it? Why do people keep saying “someone buy expo pls OMG” or “lets kill that expo (enemy’s expo)”?

Here is quick video guide to expansions by Consilience. Enjoy!

In House


Rules and Expectations

Here are In House Rules and Expectations that help keep our In House Communityfun and competitive.

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Kakao Talk


In House Chat Room & Live Support

Currently, ourIn House Community is using KaKao Talk talk application to commicate in text live.

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