Consilience Guide to Dark Templar

"I am but a phantom"

“I am but a phantom”

The Dark Templar (abbreviated DT) is a cloaked protoss hero that is easily the best support unit in Hero Attack. Equipped with a unique set of skills, DT is a dynamic hero that can turn the tide of battle and shape the course of games.  The large collection of abilities makes it one of the toughest heroes to play with regards to decision making in team fights, and takes practice to master. Although fragile when detected, Dark Templar deals huge burst damage, has amazing escape abilities, and with the addition of stasis, a devastating series of stuns. This guide will hopefully explain the basics and serve as the foundation for effective DT play.

ImageQ: Void Prison
Stuns an enemy unit for 6/8/10 seconds (halved for heroic).

Image W: Swap
The Dark Templar switches positions with the target unit.

Image E: Energy Burn
Burns 3/6/9% of the target’s maximum energy upon attack and deals damage equal to the energy burned.

Image R: Invisibility
Level 1: Invisible only when not moving or using abilities or attacking
Level 2: Invisible while moving, but not when using abilities or attacking
Level 3: Always invisible (except when detected)

Image T: Vortex
Creates a vortex that sucks in all nearby units for 5 seconds.

Skill order:
There is some skill order variability depending on the situation, but swap and stun should always comprise the first 2.

Recommended core items:

Image 1. Port
Image 2. Speed
Image 3. Stasis

The last two items are debatable and largely situational, and usually consist of 2 of the following:

  • Image Soul channel: vs toss to destroy opponent obs or for additional DPS or to bridge gap b/n chain stuns
  • ImageDisruption web: if AA is needed
  • Image Nova: vs Zerg or Terran for farm
  • ImageObs: vs Toss to detect obs, or vs any cloaked heroes
  • ImagePower Field: can get along with a teammate if there’s no forward warp point
  • Image Amulet: vs Terran to negate lockdown on teammates

Early Game         
The first decision is whether to lane or critter. I usually prefer to critter so I can set up at least 1 farm (3 energy prisms set near a critter patch). This income will be important to allow for quicker energy upgrades and purchasing of more expensive items like stasis. The other advantage to crittering is when you finally join the battlefield enemies will usually not be prepared for the first gank. On maps with 4 lanes, I will sometimes buy 2 warp prisms early so I can jump from lane to lane for quicker ganks without waiting for the warp cool down. Then later I can advance one of the prisms forward on the map to warp to. Crittering also allows you to watch the opponents laning and determine play-style: which ones tend to over-extend, who’s low on life, etc. If you decide to lane first, the primary goal will be to get experience and pick off heroes with swap-stun at the cannons.

Middle Game
By this point, you should be well equipped with speed, at least level 2-3 energy, level 3 invisibility and vortex. This is when the fun starts. Typically I start by finding an ally that pairs well with DT and run the map with them. This is usually another stun hero (Preserver, Colossi, Sentry, DA), or a high DPS hero (Hybrid, Reaver, Carrier, VR). In most games, your opponents will be soloing and a simple swap-stun to your ally results in easy kills all day long. If you are playing a more skilled team that uses team work and runs together, decision making becomes more important. Team fights is where DT can really leave its mark. When approaching a team fight, first look at the enemy composition. Your first priority is to keep teammates alive. You have too many tools in your kit to let someone die. 1) Swap low life heroes out of danger, 2) Stasis groups of heroes ganking teammate, 3) Stun, 4) Vortex – each situation will be different, but generally speaking in team fights I like to react rather than initiate in most circumstances. When you approach a team fight, identify the high priority target. This is usually a burst or valuable support hero, but in some cases can be difficult to determine. I will always target the opposing DT first as they pose the greatest threat and can save heroes you target first otherwise. I will give some examples.

Team fight 1

  • DT, DA, Archon vs Tank, Bat, Viking. Hopefully archon initiates the battle to absorb damage. Do not target Bat first as it is not the top priority and will likely take the longest to kill. Viking has strong DPS, flight, 2 potential stuns, crowd control and an excellent escape mechanism. The main threat from Tank is the ultimate, but the scan ability and range also factor into the battle. Both Viking and Tank are formidable heroes, but in this situation Viking is the highest priority. Swap-stun or swap-web viking and vortex tank. The vortex will buy time for team to take out Viking and its crowd control abilities and once Tank loses support, with the lack of mobility it’s unlikely to survive even if the ultimate gets off.

Team fight 2

  • DA, DT vs DA, DT.  Common scenario in PVP. This battle will be won or lost on vision. Spam obs. I prefer to take out the opponent DT first as DT can reverse anything you do to DA. If you have vision, you should be able to stun-swap DT and vortex or stasis DA. With practice you can become good enough to split DA from army using the swap-stun-stasis or vortex combo.

Late Game
At this point you are fully equipped, level 20 with all items. The same tactics apply middle and late game for DT. The main difference is being maxed out with abilities makes you even more deadly. Vs. Zerg and Terran, farm with Nova.

Troll maneuvers

  • Place an obs above a cliff, swap yourself with the obs placing you on the cliff. When an enemy comes by swap them onto the cliff and teammates can attack.
  • If you and a teammate are ganking a hero, vortex your ally right before the kill shot and take the kill for yourself, lol.

Other tips

  • In PVP, you will likely spend a lot of money on obs depending how much your team helps you. You can place an obs and swap with it repeatedly marching it down the map clearing opponent obs. This also works if Zerg is spreading creep.
  • Vortex beacon or choke points when team is pushing into their base to buy time
  • Solar map, on the second level of cannons on the edge of the map. You can swap stun hero into the corner of the cannons and pin against the edge with your hero, lol. I always get a kill using this when opponent is pushing.
  • If you want to rack up kills, there’s a few methods. Constantly scan the map for soft heroes running solo. Usually with your stuns, soul channel and Nova they aren’t a problem to take out. In gank situations, most likely the team doesn’t require your base attack. Choose hold fire after swap-stun and use point-click attack to get the last hit. You can also time Nova to get the last hit. Keep in mind, getting the kill should not be your priority in competitive games.
  • People have a preference on the order of swap and stun. I prefer swap first then stun: this maximizes the amount of time the enemy is stunned next to your allies. If the enemy is fast and you’re concerned about not being able to click it for stun after you swap, one trick is to: [click W-click-Q-hold shift click hero]. This will swap the hero then immediately stun automatically without having to click it again. If the enemy hero is DT or another stun hero, I will usually stun first then swap. Last thing you wanna do is run towards a DT to swap and he chose stun first.
  • If played right, chain stuns can lead to you picking off heroes 1 by 1 from a group. Let’s say at the start of a team fight you stun swap broodling and vortex the rest of the team. After vortex is done you swap a second hero and stasis the rest. Then stun-swap a third afterwards, etc. Keep in mind vortex is now only 5 seconds and void prison has a 12 second cool down. Luckily maxed swap has a 5 second cool down so you should be able to swap after vortex and let team stun if possible. Void prison will then be ready after stasis is done.

Final Notes

  • Of all the heroes, DT’s K/D ratio can have the least correlation with performance. In other words, DT can play a fantastic game and be the most valuable player, yet have 3-6 K/D ratio. Don’t ever be concerned with this. Your role is that of the ultimate team player. You should feel satisfied delivering kill after kill to your teammates and never hesitate to sacrifice yourself for a teammate.


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Consilience Guide to Dark Templar | Hero Attack 3X

Consilience 18-12-2014, 19:26

Thanks, yea I see people do it both ways. The biggest problem I see with stun first is the range is shorter so they have more time to port if they see you coming. If you swap them into creep the damage should make port inactive. The other thing is if u swap then stun, if they survive and run your swap recovers sooner to repeat. I was watching replays of DT games for a highlight video and found I do it both ways depending on situation which is probably the best advice.

Primo 18-12-2014, 18:00

I normally go stun swap then vortex/stasis. Some people can port out before the stun hits after the swap. Great guide though 10/10

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