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Hero Attack 3x is a custom map built on the Starcraft 2 platform. In order to play this free, unforgiving, micro-intensive fast paced moba you must first download the Starcraft 2 client. But wait, doesn’t that cost money? To play Hero Attack itself, it does not cost money. It can also be accessed through the Starcraft 2 Starter Edition which is free for anyone to download.

Your telling me...

I know right, holy shit its free!!








First thing we need is to create a battle.net account then we can begin our free download of Starcraft 2: Starter Edition. If you already have a Battle.net account, you can skip the account registration and go straight to the game download.

Starcraft 2: Starter Edition

Ok now that we have downloaded the client, and made an account we can launch the battle.net application and login to starcraft. Once you reach the login page, enter your account name and password, agree to the terms and choose an alias.

Now lets navigate to Hero Attack 3x. Once you login, you will come to the homescreen:
SC2 Home Page






Continue by selecting the Arcade button at the left of your screen. You will now come to a page that looks similar to this:
Its hero attack






On the left selection column, select browse. At the top, you will see two drop selection boxes, Show:____ and Genre:_____. Be sure to have Show: Top Played and Genre: Hero Battle selected. At the very top(hell yeaaa) you will see the Hero Attack 3x icon, click on it, and then click play. You will begin to download all current game patches, then join a lobby. Once the lobby fills the game will start. You have officially stepped into the realm of Hero Attack 3x. For any additional assistance, please browse our site for hero and gameplay guides.

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Download Information

  • Hero attack 3X is a free arcade game on Star Craft 2.
  • To play Hero Attack 3X, you need to download download StarCraft 2. Read more.