How to play Ghost like Gifted




Ghost is my most favorite hero and the only hero that Im good at if you ban ghost I’ll rage and start to feed lol. I enjoy playing ghost because of all the kill steals capability because of big burst damage and it make people think you’re actually good :D. Ghost is very fragile but deals big burst of damage in a short period of time. Ghost cloak allow you to survive much better and with extreme map awareness, theoretically a ghost should never die.

Q – Snipe  Range 11| Energy 35|  Cooldown 9 s (scale with level) Allow ghost to snipe a single enemy.

lv1 Snipe deals 30 damage
lv2 Snipe deals 45 damage
lv3 Snipe deals 60 damage 


W – Penetrator Rounds (passive) Increase Ghost’s auto attack range.

lv1 +1 range
lv2 +2 range
lv3 +3 range


E – EMP Range 9| Energy 60| Cooldown 15s (scale with level)

Ghost EMP a target that deals damage to enemies heroes  and structures within a radius of 2. EMP drains energy base units and also reveals cloaked and burrows units for a short period of time.

Lv1 drains 30 energy and deals 30 damage
lv2 drains 45 energy and deals 45 damage
lv3 drains 60 energy and deals 60 damage


R – Cloak Active/Toggle 

Ghost cloak itself and become invisible and can uncloak at will. Cloak can be reveal by detectors or when ghost is stunned. Cloak requires energy to maintain ghost invisibility and has an activate cost of 5 energy.

lv1:  2 energy/second
lv2: 1 energy/second
lv3: Freeeeeeee!


T – Nuclear Strike (Active)(channeling)     

Ghost call down a nuclear strike that take 15 seconds to land and deals massive damage up to 250 (+25 per lv) to units and structure within the radius of 8.

lv1: Range 12| Energy 120| Cooldown 72 seconds|
lv2: Range 15 |Energy 60| Cooldown 54 seconds|


Skills Order

Ghost skills build can be situational and dependant on the hero you’re laning with or against and also your enemy’s race.

Order: Q,E,E,Q,R,R,R,Q,T,W,W,W,T, then stats for the rest. (ghost can take EMP first if your lane require pushing power).

Why Q first? because it offer strong poking capability and it more energy cost efficient than EMP. when u EMP zlings you’ll reduce its hp down so low to the point marines dps with finish it off and you will not have effective income.

For zerg when ghost is lv2 you should get emp lv1 in that way you can 1 shot those zlingz. For terran lv3 Ghost with lv2 EMP can one 1 marines. Against Protoss….. work in progress.



Note that in hero attack 3x there is no penalty on selling your items so you’ll always get 100% minerals back so spam those Ultra Capacitors. Always spend those minerals to give you an advantage.

Starting Items:           Mins:

ImageDrop Pod                            25

ImageJotun Booster                 300

Image Ocular Implant                  100

Image Sensor Tower                      75 (if Enemies have invisible units)

Once Completed Prioritize

Terran Weapon lv1 -5        ——->     Terran Energy lv 1-5  ——–>     Then Terran Armor lv 1- 5


End Game Inventory:
ImageDrop Pod                                             25
ImageJotun Booster                                  300
ImageLockdown                                           400
Image Yamato Gun                                       800
Image Sensor Tower /Image Psi Amplifier       900
2 Image Command Center ready to scan when you channeling Image Yamato gun.

Early Game:

Ghost can either go  lane or critter if in a lane 2v2 it’s better for ghost to go crit to avoid getting deny if  you’re not confident. If laning use EMP  to clear waves and Snipe to poke. Money is important with ghost so try to clear as many waves as possible. If an enemy’s hero is low you can unleash your burst to job.


Mid Game:

Use drop ships and respond to pings where your ally request your aid and gank like there is no tomorrow. Also don’t forget to farm and the game progresses. because you lack armor anything beyond the fog of war is your danger zone because enemy detectors may be in the vicinity and you will get gank. A tip would be positioning yourself near enemy creeps, if they attack you while cloaked meaning you’re over extending.
Late Game:

Keep up with stats and always move in team. At this stage ghost lose its effectiveness if you’re behind in terms of stats try to clear some creeps and earn those minerals so you can get back in the game. If you you may switch psi amplify over defense matrix for more survivability and you can also save a teammate in need.



Ghost is a fun hero to play with and it require great map awareness and  great positioning in team fight. Ghost shine when match up against Zerg because of EMP can potentially clear a wave in 1 shot. Against Terran it  still have the potential to be  deadly but have to be aware of sensor towers because of its large detection range. As for Protoss it is best not to go ghost because ghost can’t farm effectively. Overall Ghost is a medium difficulty hero and it’s recommended for new players.


diaval 06-01-2015, 21:13

SO I KILL THE critter cus i had to crit so i Q on the big animal and it gives 30 mineral
the litthe animal tho is harder to kill time cus they 3 of them to snipe????????? i use the BIG AOE but it not kill still have to snipe or shoot

i went to stole xp from team mate instead

Blackace 28-12-2014, 12:41

Actually this is one of the ways to make Ghost good. For Ghost there’s Actually 3 ways. Gifted’s way of Ghost is one way but there’s 2 more. The one that Gifted used is rush Snipe (halfway) and Emp (halfway) and rush into Cloaking.
Its halfway because if you see here (Q,E,E,Q,R,R,R,Q,T,W,W,W,T) he stops with 2 Q’s and 2 E’s. (Also in hes steps he missed one more E). Then he goes and levels up Cloak. Gifted way says get basically Cloak at Level 5.

ArtVandelay 22-12-2014, 14:21

Great guide, and completely agree with your EMP assessment. I see lots of pubs go EMP and and spam it on units before it 1 shots them. Then you just lose all income.

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