IH-8 – Radically different game @ March 12th at 11pm EST

Last week we canceled IH-8 b/c our streamer had an unanticipated conflict. We will reschedule the match for March 12th at 11pm EST. The rules to this game are radically different so only sign up if it sounds interesting to you, and read carefully.

1. The objective of the game is not to destroy the opponent’s Hive, CC or Nexus. If either base goes down the game is a draw.
2. One player from each team volunteers to be the target.
3. Whichever target reaches level 20 first – their team wins the game as long as the target hasn’t died.
4. If one of the targets dies first before either reaches 20, their team loses.

There’s a lot of different strategies people could use to win, so I’m curious what people come up with. It’s not as simple as just letting the target solo mid all game bc one gank and you lose. Plan carefully.

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