InHouse-8: Rescheduled

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For those of you who have been away, back in December we started scheduling and streaming IH games on a weekly basis. We have been using the UFC format (UFC 76, 77, etc.) to label the games and post SS afterwards here: http://forum.ha3x.net/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=4562

IH-1 had 22 viewers watch live and since then the numbers have grown; IH-5 had 85 viewers. We have been averaging around 40-50 per game and afterwards end up playing and streaming 2-3 more games with new casters.

That being said, IH-8 will be this Friday, Feb 27th at 10pm EST. Sign-up if you want to reserve a spot. If spots remain open we will fill in the gaps at 10pm.

-No hero bans
-All maps/races allowed

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