[Official] Killstreaks – Winter

Hero Attack 3X Killstreaks Record

 Killstreaks will begin on January 1st and end on the 31st, 2015.
Rules & Regulations
1) A user cannot possess multiple ranks of the same hero on one or multiple lists.
2) The first submitted will get the higher rank if two users have identical scores.
3) Lower deaths gets the higher rank if two users have identical kill scores.
4) Screenshots, in-game username, and scores must be submitted with all posts.
5) A user can only submit his or her own score.
6) Participants may be asked to provide a replay for  submissions that may be questionable for legitimacy.
7) Sponsors are eligible to become rank holders; however, they are ineligible for monthly payouts and prizes. Current Sponsors: Primo
8) Killstreaks for rank holders will reset monthly.
9) All time stats will remain listed in the Hall of Fame.

Payouts & Prizes
1) Payout amounts and prizes may vary monthly.
2) Payout amounts will differ for deaths and deathless killstreaks.
3) Payouts will be delivered through monthly prepaid Hero Attack 3x themed Visa Gift Cards.
4) Payouts will be rewarded to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd highest rank holders for deaths and deathless killstreaks.
5) Prizes will be rewarded to the 1st place highest rank holders for deaths and deathless killstreaks.
6) Prizes will include a variety of Razer products.
5) Rewards will be valid for 1 week once ranks are announced.
7) Players must submit their requested information to sponsors or promoters to claim their rewards upon announcement.

January 2015 Rewards:

Visa Gift Cards


Razer Deathadder Chroma


 Where to post Submissions?

All killstreaks must be submitted through the forums: [url=http://www.kakao.com/talk/en]link[/url]

Once submitted your scores will be listed on the deaths table: [url=http://www.hastrategy.com/streaks/death/]link[/url] or deathless table: [url=http://www.hastrategy.com/streaks/non-death/

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Contact Information

  • Hero Attack 3X
  • Live support can reached
  • via forums or Kakao talk.
  • Our staff will get back
    to you asap.

Download Information

  • Hero attack 3X is a free arcade game on Star Craft 2.
  • To play Hero Attack 3X, you need to download download StarCraft 2. Read more.