ninjamaster’s Guide for Drone

ninjamaster’s Guide to Playing Drone

Drone is an incredibly cheap hero to play and takes potentially little to no effort to play him. You could probably get away with selecting the hero you want to take down and pressing Q for Drone Swarm on them and still get kills. Drone is by far my favorite hero to play since it has a lot of armor as Spine Crawler, can have a lot of HP with stats and can deal a ton of damage.


Image Q:Drone Swarm(Level 1)-


Allows the drone hero to create a swarm of 20 drone underlings at target location. Spawned drones are uncontrollable and deal damage to ground units in their path.

Range:9, Energy Cost:60, Cooldown:15

Level 1: Each drone deals 3.78 damage upon impact

Level 2: Each drone deals 5.67 damage upon impact

Level 3: Each drone deals 7.56 damage upon impact

Image W: Mutate into Spine Crawler (Level 1)-


Allows the hero to mutate into a spine crawler hero. The spine crawler hero is an anti-ground unit that can only attack while rooted. Mutating gives it an attack speed of 1.8, increases life by 50%, armor by 3, and sight range by 2. when uprooted, the spine crawler hero can move, but has its movement speed reduced by 50%.

Level 1: Hero has a range of 7 and base damage of 30

Level 2: Hero has a range of 9 and base damage of 35

Level 3: Hero has a range of 11 and base damage of 40

Image E: Mutate into Spore Crawler (Level 1)-


Allows the hero to mutate into a spore crawler hero. The spore crawler hero is an anti air unit that can only attack while rooted. Mutating gives it an attack speed of .8, increases life by 50%, armor by 3, sight range by 2, and gains detection. When uprooted, the spine crawler hero can move but has its movement speed reduced by 50%.

Level 1: Hero has a range of 7 and base damage of 10

Level 2: Hero has a range of 9 and base damage of 15

Level 3: Hero has a range of 11 and base damage of 20

Image R:Drone Metabolism (Level 1)-


Allows the hero to use drone metabolism. For 30 seconds, the drone hero’s autoattacks reduce the enemy speed by 15% for a duration of 1.2 seconds. The slowed unit also spawns a droneling every 0.35 seconds.

Energy Cost: 45, Cooldown:40


Increases the movement speed and life regeneration of the drone hero while in drone form.

Level 1:+10% speed and +0.8 life regeneration

Level 1:+20% speed and +1.2 life regeneration

Level 1:+30% speed and +1.6 life regeneration

Image T:Summon Brood Lord (Level 7)-


Allows the drone hero to summon a brood lord. Brood lords are powerful air units that shoot broodlings at ground units. The life and damage of the brood lords and broodlings scale with the hero’s level.

Level 1: 150 energy cost and 90 second cooldown. You can have at most 5 brood lords at any given time.

Level 2: 100 energy cost and 60 second cooldown. you can have at most 8 brood lords at any given time.

Z:Upgrade Stats (Level 1)-


Each stat upgrade increases the life, shields, and damage of your hero and its summons by a certain percent (0.3% per hero level)

Abilities and items scale 1% per stat

Mind Controlled Units scale with the hero’s stats

Skill Orders:

Skill Order 1 (Against Ground as Spine): Q, W, Q, W, Q, W, T, R, E, R, E, R, E, T, Z, Z, Z, Z, Z, Z

Skill Order 2 (Against Air as Spore): Q, W (still not flying yet), Q, E, Q, E, T, E, W, W, R, R, R, T, Z, Z, Z, Z, Z, Z

Skill Order 3 (Ultra Drone (Really idiotic in my opinion when you got such a great and versatile hero but here it is)): Q, R, Q, R, Q, R, T, E(to take out those flyers), E, E, W, W, W, Z, Z, Z, Z, Z, Z


Image Vampirism (300 minerals)-

  • Passive:
    • Gives the hero 15% lifesteal for all melee damage
      • This is for insane lifesteal as a Spine Crawler because they have very high attack and can absorb a ton of HP. Drone is fast already, so if you morph into a Spine Crawler when you get to your lane, you should be fine. Plus with 4 armor to start out with, you should be able to absorb attacks even if you’re in the front for quite some time and with vampirism, you should be good to go.

Image Enhanced Cellular Life (400 minerals)-

  • Passive:
    • Increases maximum life by 25%
      • This is to add onto the insane lifesteal and make your spine crawler hero into the biggest tank ever. This item is a must for every zerg hero because it makes your hero take a lot more damage.

Image Organic Carapace (300 minerals)-

  • Passive:
    • Increases life regeneration by +0.15 per level life per second
      • I know what the pros are thinking-“Why would you waste minerals on such a crappy item!” I know, but if you want to make your Spine Crawler hero to be the perfect tank, then you should get this item. Adding the regeneration from drone metabolism, the extra hp, and the lifesteal, combined with your high attack, this could be very well worth your while. Another option to consider is Venom because it slows down those pesky fast units that can escape before you deal the final blow. It also costs 300 minerals.

Image Aerodynamic Carapace (300 minerals)-

  • Passive:
    • Increases base speed by 0.75
      • Every hero needs this because it speeds you up. Drone doesn’t need it immediately because it is very fast and you don’t need it if you have a Nydus Canal, but you still need to get it to be the fastest you can be.

Image Spawn Broodlings (250 minerals)-

  • Active:
    • Fires a pair of broodlings at target enemy ground unit or structure. The broodlings last 20 seconds and upon impact they deal 10 damage each and stun the target for 1.5 seconds. The life and damage of the broodlings scale with the hero’s level.
    • Range: 9, Energy Cost: 40, Cooldown: 12
      • This is a must for all zerg units. The stun allows you to get away when you’re injured and about to get ganked for being too OP or if you’re about to get pulled by lurker or something. It also allows you to prevent enemy hero’s from escaping from your ridiculous reach!


Early Game (10 minutes in):

You can either critter or you can fight in a lane.

If you critter, critter for the 1st 10 minutes then join someone in a lane. To critter, you bring the critters over to the spine crawler and run around the spine crawler to get exp. It’s as easy as that.

If you fight in a lane, try to stay away from the other heroes because you are ridiculously weak until you get Spine Crawler. THEN you can literally take 2 vs 1 at level 1. Try your best to not get damaged below 1/2 HP because the enemy heroes can switch out and you will have to switch off enemies until you finally die. Also, if you get pulled next to the enemy tower, your large amount of armor means next to nothing in the beginning and you get shredded in seconds.

Definitely try your best to get the above items in that exact order, for it is a good order and only after you get the Organic Carapace, should you go for attack upgrades.


Mid Game (10-20 minutes in):

You should be attacking in your lane and helping whenever someone pings for help or to gank. You definitely should be farming with your brood lords at level 7 when nearing 20 minutes(probably should be by 10-15 minutes). You should also be getting a lot of minerals from your brood lords farming and be starting to get stats at this point. Make sure that your farms will stay secure because they are the key to your success.


Late Game (20 minutes-End):

You should have a lot of stats from farming after 30 minutes and have quite a few kills since your farms should easily make you have a lot of stats and full level 5 attack and armor. Keep protecting your brood lords because they give you a very high income and will allow you to get a very high amount of stats.



CaptPlanet 11-01-2015, 04:19

Nice guide, ninjamaster! This build is sweet!! I’ll definitely try drone with this guide :)

Ixidor 07-01-2015, 11:48

Well done, nice guide. 2 quick things:

Vamp doesn’t work for Spine form, it’s considered ranged. I suggest Glaive for more creep clear/ dps. I’d actually suggest selling organic carap for transfuse late game too.
Lvl 1 swarm can kill critters and won’t aggro them, something worth noting.

ArtVandelay 06-01-2015, 16:35

Nice guide. I usually go drone swam first in a lane (especially versus Z or T). You get lots of feed from it and it keeps pesky heroes away from you early until you have spine range built up.

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