Nydus Worm Guide by Maigoh

The nydus worm is a tank. That’s pretty much all it does. I tried to come up with a better introduction but I couldn’t. It’s a really good tank.

There are a lot of situational things and nuances to worm (as for every hero) so I won’t go into too much detail but I’ll highlight the important stuff.

Health: 350
Energy: 150
Damage: 18
Attack speed: 1.5
Range: Melee
Targets: Ground
DPS: 12
Armour: 3
Move speed: 2.62

Q: Parasitic Worm
Parasitic worm deals initial damage to an enemy unit and infects the target with a parasitic worm for 25 seconds. A unit that is infected by a parasitic worm gives sight to the caster. If the unit dies while it is infected, a wormling will be created for the caster.
Range: 9
Energy cost: 25
Cooldown: 6

Level 1: Parasite deals 15 (+1.5 per level) damage.
Level 2: Parasite deals 25 (+2.5 per level) damage.
Level 3: Parasite deals 35 (+3.5 per level) damage.

W: Leap
Allows the hero to use leap. Leap causes the hero to leap out of the ground towards the targeted location. The hero deals splash damage equal to the hero’s attack damage to all enemy units and structures that are in the path of the leap.
Range: 9

Level 1: 40 energy cost and 10 second cooldown.
Level 2: 30 energy cost and 7 second cooldown.
Level 3: 20 energy cost and 5 second cooldown.

E: Leech Life
Allows the nydus worm hero to steal life on every attack

Level 1: +12.5% lifesteal.
Level 2: +25% lifesteal.
Level 3: +37.5% lifesteal.

R: Annelid Regeneration
Every time the hero takes damage, there is a small chance that the hero will produce a wormling. Wormlings scale with the hero’s level and cannot spawn more than 1 wormling every 0.5 seconds

Level 1: 5% chance.
Level 2: 7% chance.
Level 3: 9% chance.

T: Deep Tunnel
Nydus worm hero surfaces at a targeted location. The hero is stationary and cannot cast spells but deals splash damage and pulls enemy units within 5 range inwards for 10 seconds.
Range: 10

Level 1: Energy cost: 100. Cooldown: 120.
Level 2: Energy cost: 75. Cooldown: 90.

Analysis of skills:

Q: This thing has three uses: Wormlings, vision, and poking. It isn’t a good poke until much much later so usually I get one level for wormlings/vision and then I wait.

W: What a great mobility skill. Use this to close in or chase, use it to escape, or use it to gain health with lifesteal. Not a great use for attacking air heros unless there is a serious stat/level difference. Get one level relatively early so you can escape tight spots whenever needed.

E: Pretty simple, this is useful but not right away. The way I play wormling, I get armour upgrades before attack upgrades so I don’t really see a benefit to this until my attack is much more upgraded in the midgame or so.

R: This thing is the best. Basically lets you spawn wormlings just by breathing. Works best against terran and zerg due to more creep with more attacks. I would call this the most important skill for wormling so level it ASAP.

T: I haven’t really figured out the best use for this thing but as far as I can tell it’s to gank or kill heroes. Be careful when you use it because you’ll be stuck there for 10 seconds which is kind of annoying. I wish you could cancel it but you can’t.

Health: 40
Damage: 8
Attack speed: 1.5
Range: Melee
Targets: Ground
Armour: 1
Move speed: 2.62

Wormlings scale with the hero.

Skill order:

Crittering: Q, R, R, E, R, W/E. You really shouldn’t be crittering past level 6.
Terran: Q, R, R, W, R, W/E, W/E, E, T, Q, Q, T
Protoss: Q, R, R, W, R, E, T, E, E, W, W, Q, Q, T
Zerg: Q, R, R, W, R, W, T, W, E, E, E, Q, Q, T

Laning counterparts:

Strong against:
Pretty much everything not written in the ‘Weak against’ section. Seriously. I have never had trouble pushing a lane against any hero, but you really need nydish to make this happen.

Weak against:
Maybe vulture. Oh and late-game hellion. Don’t ever try to fight a hellion. Just use the terrain and leap your way out of there. Also worm has no native anti-air so it’s a little weak there but there isn’t a single air unit that can seriously damage worm in the late game.



The nydus worm is pretty good at crittering. Not the best, but pretty good. The best part about crittering is setting up farms early but you can set up farms in lane too. If there is a zergling, queen, or muta that wants to critter, let them. Otherwise, take it.

Start with Q so you can create wormlings. Nydus is fast but not fast enough to consistently pull two patches so once you have a wormling, use that to draw critters to the towers. Make sure you can be in experience range before you do so.

Go back when you’re out of energy. You should have ~7 wormlings by now. Bring a nydish back to whichever lane you’re closest to. Then keep crittering, but instead of drawing them to the towers, just attack them with your wormling army. Keep using Q to make more. Stop when you have enough wormlings for your patches (about 12 each) or if someone needs help, etc.


Farm as much as you can. Obviously if you have a drone/queen on your team this may be difficult, but you can also take the other team’s patches with little risk. At the beginning you need about 12 wormlings for each patch, but you can decrease this by 1 wormling every ~3 levels such that when you are level 20 you can farm each patch with 4-5 wormlings.

Use your rally point (hotkey C) to send wormlings to the critter patches or back to your base to create a reserve that you can use when the other team starts snuffing out your wormlings.

To create wormlings, the best strategy is just to get R as fast as you can, then auto-attack the enemy creep. Try to get ahead of your creep so that the enemy creep targets you exclusively, and then just sit back and let R create wormlings for you. It’s kinda weird but it’s not in your best interests to clear waves quickly since that means less wormlings. This is true for all three races, so until you are at your maximum farming potential, don’t get razor storm or anything like that.

Early game:

You should be able to push your lane pretty easily. Get Q, set a rally point behind your towers, and use it to build up your wormlings for your farms. The faster you do this the stronger you will be. After you have 175 minerals, you can port back and bring a nydish to your lane. You will use this a lot.

Get level 2 armour asap. This pretty much makes you invincible early lane, especially if you can use leap to get away from anything that can chase you (mainly vulture or marauder with slow). Use the nydish when you’re low on health.

After level 2 armour, get speed, regen, and extra health. Then keep getting armour until you have level 4. You should be able to push the lanes pretty hard. The only threat to you is getting stunned and ganked, or getting too close to the towers for too long. Use corrupted spines on stalkers to get extra income against protoss, and use leap to kill zerglings and marines.

Items: Port, Corrupted Spines, Speed, Regen, Health
Weapons: 0
Armour: 1-4
Energy: 0

Mid game:

Pop around using nydishes to push any lane that needs help. With your massive armour you can just absorb all the hits and let your creep help push the lane. Don’t worry about not getting kills, you will rack up money fast enough. Just concentrate on getting all the farms you can. Use your rally point to build up wormlings.

Once you are starting to level up lifesteal, upgrade your attack. Once you have level 3-4 weapons, upgrade energy so you can spam leap.

If you’re getting pushed, use nydish to get infinite health and cancel your rally point so your wormlings can help kill creep.

Items: Port, Speed, Regen, Health, Lifesteal
Weapons: 3-5
Armour: 5
Energy: 1-4

Late game:

You should be flush with cash by this point. Unfortunately, you kind of suck at ganking, so go with your teammates in lane and tank for them. Bring broodlings to help your team out if you want but probably the best thing you can do is pop into their base every now and then to draw all the heroes back. Make sure your farms are flourishing, and spread ovies all over the place for vision since you are the main breadwinner of your team.

When you attack their base, take your rally point off so your wormlings will stay near you, and just auto-attack the buildings. All the creep and the towers should focus on you (which is good!) so that your wormlings can continuously spawn. Your wormlings will then take care of the creep and towers. If one or two enemy heroes come to fight you, either attack them or leap around hitting the buildings. If three or more heroes come, use leap to get out. The main threat to your life is getting stunned. Use leap also to regain health with your lifesteal.

Use T on heroes with no mobility spells to keep them rooted. Works best if you have teammates around you to help you kill the hero or if they’re already weak, but don’t bother using it on something with full life unless they’re super squishy like a ghost or high templar. Enemies like stalker and vulture can just blink or jump away so don’t waste it on them. It’s also a great spell if you’re low on health and a double wave of creep just came because you get lifesteal for attacking everything, even with T.

At level 20 you should really just be accumulating stats, pushing lanes, and hitting their base. If you’re pushing lanes, bring razor. If you’re hitting their base, maximize your health. If you’re bored and decide to try and gank things, bring broodlings and venom. You won’t be able to kill anything that is faster than you or has a good stun, but sentry and tank are prime examples of heroes you can totally kill.

Attack buildings and leap around until you win, using nydish to regain health or energy as necessary.

Items: Nydish, Speed, Lifesteal, Razor/Overlords/Venom/Broodlings/Health/Regen etc.

Specific things:

The nydus worm is the ghost’s worst nightmare. You are so tanky that the ghost can’t do anything to you, you’re able to chase down a ghost, and best of all, you have parasite. Use parasite every 20 seconds or so to keep vision on the ghost, and just chase the squishy thing down with impunity.

Dark Templar:
Watch out for dark templar’s unit switcher. Make sure you have leap to get out of tight spots. Use Q to negate the cloak. Seriously, Q is pretty OP because of practically infinite de-cloak.

Use Q.

Air units:
Avoid carrier for a while until you have full armour. It’s really difficult to kill a carrier so just poke it with Q until it goes away. The other air units are squishier so you can try and leap and poke them for the kill, but don’t get your hopes up. The best thing to do is probably ignore them, they can’t bother you.

This thing poses a threat to you only if you let it farm, so make sure you go around killing its farms. It will probably try to do the same to you, but you can spawn wormlings much faster than a vulture can set up their farms again, so it’s really a battle of attrition until you win.

If you’re up against a good hellion, just run. Don’t bother trying to fight the thing unless flame trail gets seriously nerfed. Use leap and terrain to get away. If it’s a weak hellion, try to get another teammate to help you. Stun it, then use T to help you take it down. Watch out for flame trail.


Basic gameplan goes like this. Set up farms. Push lanes. Get money. Attack base. Win.

How to play against nydus:

Deny farms as best as you can. Use teamwork to gank, and chain your stuns. The good news is that it’s pretty hard to get killed by a worm if you carry a stun of some sort. Get anti-hero since the nydus uses leap for a lot of its money.

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