Official 5v5 Tournament

By popular demand, this is the first post for the Official 5v5 Tournament.

-Players can enter in teams of 3 or as individuals.
-After signups are closed, team captains will draft individuals to complete their team of 5.
-Number of teams will be based on interest. Teams who sign up later may be asked to enter as individuals to meet player requirements.
-Player draft will be serpentine ie. the captain with first pick in the first round will have last pick in the second round.
-Games are expected to be played during scheduled times. The scheduled times are 9-12 EST Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

-Teams will play each other once during a round robin.
-After the round robin, teams will be seeded 1 through 4 for the page playoff.
-Seeds 1 and 2 and seeds 3 and 4 will play each other. Winner between 1 and 2 moves on to the final, the loser plays the winner of 3 and 4 in the semifinal. Winner of the semifinal will move on to the final.
-Playoff rounds will be best of 3.
-Maps for each game will be predetermined after the teams are finalized.

-Teams can use one sub per game.
-Subs can only play for one team in the tournament, with the exception of myself. To make the sub process easier, I will be available to sub for any team.
-Subs must be agreed upon by both captains.
-There are no hero, race, or item bans.

Signup thread is open here.

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