Oracle Guide by Ixidor

You can’t run.
You can’t hide.
Shia Labeouf The Oracle knows all.
The Oracle sees all…

Oracle Guide v1.0


You’re walking through the Forest map.
There’s no one around,
And your phone is dead.
Out of the corner of your eye you spot him,
The Oracle.

He’s following you
Hovering about 30 feet back.
He hits Psitrous and breaks into a sprint.
He’s gaining on you.
You try to cloak but he still sees you!

You try to run but quickly your right back to where you started!
The Oracle is here…
*cues music*

What you’ve just witnessed was just another pub victim, this poor pub was getting horrifically stalked and assassinated by an Oracle (read: OPracle). One of the most terrifying Protoss support Casters in the game. The mere mention of its name strikes fear into the hearts of every DA and cloaked Hero in the game.


What are the strengths and weaknesses of the Oracle? How do you best utilize the skills and abilities? What are the best build orders and skills to get? How should you function in a team game? This guide will attempt to cover most of those areas. OPracle is one of the most underrated heroes in the game… of all the heroes that are said to be underrated, it’s constantly made out by pub players to be utter garbage but actually if played right I find it to have some of the most degenerate skills in the game. If you like playing Nova-whore heroes like Nix, with the chase ability of Overlord overseerform, and a Hero with total map vision and never has to leave the battlefield, then this is the perfect hero for you! ūüėé


Base stats
HP: 125
Shields: 75
Energy: 300
Damage: 10
Attack Speed: 0.8
Targets: Air & Ground
Range: 6
Move Speed: 3
Armor: 0

There it is, same base speed as Nix and technically same total life as a Nix, HT and Probe–> aka, it’s a paper plane. BEWARE! You CAN and WILL get 2-shot out of the sky by ARES AA or Viking. One thing to point out though, it has slightly more HP’s but less shield than a HT or Nix… this actually makes it a great candidate for Plasma Surge, since 1x Plasma Surge will fill roughly 3/4 of its shields back (and benefit allies of course).
Also, another obvious benefit… Oracle has a shit-ton of energy, making it awesome for early Nova or Stasis… and actually you can get 2x Novas off before going back to base (or blinking back to battle field, heh!).
The only other noteable thing pointing out is its attack speed and DPS, the 0.8 attack speed greatly improves your last hitting for minerals, which is very helpful in PvP and PvT matchups. The range isn’t amazing but surely better than Nix’s, you can stay out of more creep-fire range which can be helpful in porting. Yup, that’s about all I gotta’ say about the stats, it obviously scales very low, you’re going to be weak so just play safe and realize you’ll have about half the health of most heroes.



Image Pulsar Augments (Q)
Allows the oracle hero to activate pulsar augments. The Oracle builds up charges while attacking up to a maximum of 100 charges. The Oracles attack damage is increased by +1% per charge (+100%). The Oracle also gains the powerful Pulsar Flare ability, which allows it to deplete opponent’s energy.
Pulsar Flare
Energy Cost: 80
Cooldown: 10 seconds
Description: Uses 60 charges and 80 energy to reduce all enemy energy by 80% and allied energy by 40% in a range of 6.
Level 1: Builds up charges while attacking every 1.5 seconds.
Level 2: Builds up charges while attacking every 1.0 seconds.
Level 3: Builds up charges while attacking every 0.5 seconds.


Looking at it first it seems very laughable, but Q is an extremely important skill for Oracle. First and most importantly, when you reach maximum charges it will DOUBLE your DPS, which is amazing… we’re talking going from about 60 –> 120 DPS @lvl 20 with lvl 5 Attack! Yeah, nothing to scoff at.
Second, one of the most incredible and overlooked skills in the game: Pulsar Flare. So using the flare costs 80 energy and you lose 60 charges (-60% damage), BUT it will launch a giant¬†green¬†nova that will deplete 80% of your enemies energy! This is incredibly awesome late game, basically you want to use this on heroes like Raven, Ghost, Medic, DA, etc. I’ll commonly see something like Raven and punch Psitrous to go right at him and immediately Pulsar Flare to deplete his energy, he’s usually dead meat if he doesn’t have a LD ’cause attack + Nova will take him out very fast. Pulsar Flare’s also really useful against tanks that your gonna’ gank, like Nydus, ARES, Thor, Firebat, etc. strip away their energy and they’re a sitting duck most of the time, its amazing how vulnerable heroes are with no energy.


Image Preordain (W)
Allows the oracle hero to alter the immediate future. Places a buff on all units in a radius of 2.5. After a period of time, all buffed units are returned to their starting positions. The oracle hero can also prematurely teleport the buffed units. Preordain ends when Oracle becomes stunned.
Range: 9
Energy Cost: 35
Cooldown: 20 seconds
Level 1: 3 second duration.
Level 2: 6 second duration.
Level 3: 9 second duration.

This skill will basically be your tactical Bread & Butter. There’s basically 3 ways you’ll want to be utilizing this awesome skill:
1) Offensively, use it when engaging a hero that’s trying to flee, you’re essentially going to be using it like a “reverse-blink” (instead of “blinking” forward you’re technically “blinking them back to you” as you chase). This method pairs very well with Light of Aiur, which I’ll be getting to…
2) Use it for “Nova dive-bombing”, something you’ll see me do a lot in my replays. Basically you’re going to pre-emptively cast Preordain on yourself, hit Psitrous if you have it and soar into a wave or double wave of creep (or MC army if you feel brave lol, I’ve done a couple times), then cast Nova. Although the Preordain will last a total of up to 3/6/9 seconds you can actually cut this short at ANY time early simply by pressing W again. Another important reason I’ll have to W again to blink back is baiting out Lockdown and Dwebs, there’s been a lot of games I see the LD immediately and quickly punch W, or I get hit by Dweb and blink out. This is why its important to Preordain plenty of room in advance. Be warned though… if you actually do get stunned, you’re pretty much f’d since it’ll cancel your Preordain. Using this is a very great way of not only farming with Nova when heroes are around, but harassing too while being cautious. It’s not necessarily STRICTLY WORSE than BLink like some have said, its just a little more strategic… you need to think in advance to out-maneuver your opponents and be good at anticipating what they’re gonna do.


Image Light of Aiur (E)
Allows the oracle hero to use light of aiur. While active, enemy units within 5 range of the oracle hero have their armor reduced to 0 and all damage reduction passives negated.
Costs 70 Energy
30 Second Cooldown
Level 1: 4 second duration.
Level 2: 7 second duration.
Level 3: 10 second duration.


Light of Aiur is one of the most overlooked skills in the game, it’s almost like most ppl glanced over it… *yawned* and moved onto the next skill. It’s also the reason why late game I’ll have heroes like Carrier and Marauder be like “All/ WTF… how did you???” I’m actually not exaggerating lol, I’ve taken down Carriers in a couple seconds and I can picture the puzzle on their face, ’cause tbh most players have no idea what most OPracle’s skills really do.
Although its only active up to 10 seconds, this skill is a MUCH needed skill for protoss. It completely negates all damage reduction and armor of enemy heroes… which basically means, the TANKIER the hero is, the more powerful Light of Aiur becomes. It also benefits you and all allies as well, so when you have that Firebat backdooring and it gets stunned… sometimes in the past even 3 heroes couldn’t take it down in time, Light of Aiur says NO! You will shred through their life in seconds.
Oracle’s DPS at level 20 is actually around 140 with Psitrous, compare that to Marine with Stim which is like 170 DPS it doesn’t seem as much, but if you then throw in Relic and Light of the Aiur completely dropping their defenses it actually greatly surpasses even Marine in damage.
Note:¬†One thing worth pointing out though… most likely if you activate this and engage a hero on your own, you’re going to be chasing since you don’t have a definite stun without Stasis– the Oracle’s range is 6, but the Light of Aiur aura only goes range 5. Therefore, you need to make sure you catch up and try to get over the top of the enemy to ensure you’re getting the most benefit from the skill. It works better when you have a buddy like DT or Colo to hold enemies in place while you get over them.


Image Revelation (R)
Allows the oracle hero to use revelation. Grants vision of all enemy heroes and global radar for 15 seconds. Allied units gain +10% movement and attack speed for each revelated unit in 6 range.
Level 1: 60 energy cost, 120 second cooldown.
Level 2: 50 energy cost, 90 second cooldown.
Level 3: 40 energy cost, 60 second cooldown.


The entire concept of this skill is actually pretty degenerate. So basically the text says gives vision of enemy heroes, but it’s actually more busted than that. It actually gives radar detection of every enemy or computer controlled unit or creep in the game too. That means you can not only see the hero leaving the lane from one screen away from you, but you can see the oncoming creep waves that you can go ahead and Nova, and ALSO the Dom camps setup at the corners of the map, etc. And apparently since that wasn’t good enough, you and your entire team get a slight +10% speed speed boost just by clicking the button.
Long story short, in a team game, this skill is god. With Psitrous and lvl 5 energy you can be spamming this every 45 seconds. And the great thing is the energy cost is almost non-existent. Although if I get back to base and have it on cd, sometimes I’ll spam just to keep it going throughout the game… in most cases its actually best to save till you know you or team is going to engage. Perfect example is when dealing with cloaked units like DT, Ghost, Banshee, or burrowed. This is incredibly useful since as we all know Obs are expensive as shit, and only other detection toss really gets is Archon Lightning and Pres ice bolt, which aren’t incredibly reliable anti-cloak.
Revelation is incredibly useful in PvP as well, if you want the PvP Replay below we had a DA vs DA war… lets just say Revelation + Stasis literally turns DA vs DA into a one-sided fist fight. Hmmm… we can see all of you… but you can’t seem to see us, can you?¬†¬†:mrgreen:


Image Flight (T)
Allows the oracle hero to fly at an energy cost.
3 Second Cooldown
Level 1: Energy cost of 1 energy per second.
Level 2: Energy cost of 0.5 energy per second.

It’s Flight. Get it right away, keep on flying and utilize your map control all game to capture towers, farm waves and support your team! Only time I’ve used land, like the PvZ replay I showed… they started getting crazy with the Scourges, so I actually just said “okay fukit” and landed then just laughed at all the scourges. Also, remember to use your T to confuse Siege Tank or Drone spine, fly at ’em and Pulsar to wipe their energy, then just keep switching modes and they’ll die quite fast.


Build Orders(s)

Opening Critters (ideal)
Q, R, R, W, R, W, T, W, E, E, E, Q, Q, T, Stats

Opening Lane
Q, W, W, R, W, R, T, R, E, E, E, Q, Q, T, Stats

In a nutshell, always open Q immediately so you can start building up charges over time (no need to put any further early on). From then if I’m critt I want to rush Revelation, the cd goes 120/90/60 so I try to get that lowered right away and get Psitrous so I can at least spam it a few times first 10 minutes for my team. Think of yourself like the Protoss “Raven”.
If you’re gonna’ end up laning, open Q but get then prioritize Preordain so you can cast on your self to harass a hero then blink back, or use it defensively to prevent a hero fro chasing you. But most importantly, use your Preordain on your creep waves to freeze them in place in front of Cannons. Enemy will most likely try to deny you, so if he’s gonna play that game make him have to fight it your way and continue to freeze your zealots and stalkers in front of your cannons.

Items & Builds

Critter Opening
-Pull till you get around ~350 minerals
-Purchase 3x Energy Prisms, place between critt patches. Alternate pulling each side. If Chill map, use Prisms to attack rocks while waiting for spawns.
-Pull Ursa down as well. Don’t stop farming till 10 minutes or you reach level 7.
-Drop a 4th Prism at patch to ensure it can pull both patches from then on, fly out to battlefield.

Early Game Items
(1) Buyback/Speed/Psitrous/Interceptor/fill (Primary)
(2) Buyback/Soul Channel/Plasma Surge/Speed/Psitrous (good Support Build)

The Primary is a little bit better if you’re opening critt, since it’s a pretty smooth transition going from that right into Nova/Stasis once you hit the next 800 Minerals. Sometimes I’ll go for more of a support like the second option, if I’m sharing mid on Chill and I can just keep spamming Plasma Surge over and over to heal teammates using my high energy pool, then using Preordain and Soul Channel to poke heroes then blink back. Depending on your team comp, you might even keep Plasma Surge if you’re gonna’ stay mid and heal your Colo or DA that’s carrying. Although, I definitely recommend breaking off though and farming up a bit, while its good to support your gonna fall way behind in level and stats if you don’t go switch to roaming and clearing waves yourself.

Late Game Items
(1) Buyback(s)/Nova/Psitrous/Speed/Relic (Primary)
(2) Buyback(s)/Stasis/Psitrous/Speed/Relic (PvP with DA)

These are the essential items, you need the damage. You need Psitrous for the speed and cd reduction. Also, since once you hit mid-late game and get lvl 3 Preordain, make sure to keep like… 2-4 buybacks (warp outs) on hand, you WILL BE SPAMMING THEM A LOT! And I’m just forewarning, NOTHING sucks more than when you cast Preordain on yourself, buyback to base, then blink back a few seconds later and realize you have no buybacks. It’s happened to me a few times, and I almost welcome when I get double stunned and killed after to spare myself the humility of flying back lol.


Maps and Laning


Red = Primary opening
Orange = Secondary opening
Blue = Lane movement in game

All right, I figured a picture’s worth a thousand words so instead of babbling about the maps I’d just sketch it real quick. Now this is kind of trivial to a lot of ppl, but it might be helpful for newer players.
Beginning of the game you’ll want to critt the main locations in red. If you can’t, try to take any secondary lanes where you can assist in pulling critts and sharing a lane with a good Lane hero, like Immortal would be a good example, you basically want to be his “pulling buddy”. I’ve done this with many players on Proving grounds or Abandon Lab quite a bit, most players don’t mind as long as you’re useful. If you’re sharing your experience with them while assisting them, that works best for both of you. But if you’re getting in there way and making no attempt to pull they’re gonna’ want you out.
The blue lines just show the movement you’ll want to take when you get flight, constantly use the high ground to swing in and out of lanes to farm with Nova. Constantly cast Revelation then soar in and capture watch towers whenever you can. It’s one of the great benefits you have, you have complete and total control and knowledge of the battlefield much of the game. Don’t play predictable, that’s why you should be rotating lanes a lot, and use the high ground and inner zones to keep yourself safe from most heroes unless you need to farm. Also, when you cast Revelation don’t be glancing at map just for heroes, also be checking their farms if you need to clear any out, you LITERALLY can see all their shit so take advantage of that. And if you can’t, you can always just ping the areas to allies so they know to inspect it.

These vid guides are a little bit old, I made when Oracle first came out, so unfortunately this was back when Solar maps were still out lol… before original maps were brought back, then rotated again to N3xt maps¬†¬†:mrgreen:
Although I’d recommend the Prism method for crittering, they’re still helpful for players to see how the Preordain “wap back” method works so they can pretty much stay on the battlefield non-stop throughout the game. Also showcasing Nova Bombing in video 2 just to give players an idea what it looks like.

Oracle Crittering & using Preordain Blink
Oracle farming with Nova/Preordain


So in conclusion, String was never a very good player. That’s pretty much it, let me know if you have any questions or I missed something. I hope this gave a descent idea how to play Oracle. I didn’t really want to explain to players how to engage and breakdown the combos, I think everyone can figure all that out just by watching or reading. Btw, I attached 3 Replays below if you care to watch, I figured I should probably throw a few games to justify so ppl don’t think I’m full of shit (oh… they already do think that, weow… RIP lol), I also wanted to get a game of each race so I got a PvP, PvT, and PvZ.

Thanks to KenSai for letting me practice this shit with him and discussing a lot of this theory. Thanks to Dark for telling me to follow my dreams and to stop being bad at this game.


Download Replays

Hero Attack 3X 10-2 Oracle PvT on Chill (33 min).SC2Replay

Hero Attack 3X 11-4 Oracle PvZ on Meltdown (59 min).SC2Replay

Hero Attack 3X 14-5 Oracle PvP on Meltdown (57 min).SC2Replay

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