Ping Responses

by aidsmaster

I can not stress enough how important ping responses are. Ping responses are the next best thing besides ts. About 2 years ago I was trying to find a clan. I was incredibly noob at the time (about primo level), then I found WhoOPs. CaptPlanet told me the importance of ping response. If you know me, I am all about ping response. If you ping, and I don’t see red dot from a nuke, I get my ass over there as fast as possible.

Ping responses has many meanings, such as we should gank, need help or to watch out. There are also meanings of pings, such as an indication to kill nydus, obs, warp prism, or grab the xelnoga tower.

Their are different port systems for each race.
Protoss-Warp Prism/Powerfield
Zerg- Nydus

If your trying to save a teammate, for terran use dropship and throw down a defensive matrix or lockdown. For protoss, make sure 2 players on your team have powerfield. Throw down some stasis or plasma surge. For zerg, using a nydus for an escape is always the way to go.

When someone pings, you need to know your hero role. If your an HT, you should be in the back, casting spells, such as stasis, plasma surge, bubbles, storm feedback. If your a tanky hero such as archon, you need to first initiate the battle by going in first and taking all the damage.

Thanks to Athena and Power for ideas and insights.

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