Primo’s Firebat Guide – Smells Like… Victory

Let's Burn

Lets Burn


The Firebat hero was one of the first heroes I learned to play at an IH level. It is currently the primary tank and backdoor hero for terran. It has the ability to absorb a decent amount of damage, output a bit of damage, and excels at backdooring. In this guide, I will go over how to play as an efficient and successful firebat.





Firebat hero selection iconDurable brawler with powerful pyro-skills

Base stats

Model: Firebat
Race: Terran
HP: 300
Energy: 125
Damage: 10×2
Attack Speed: 1.5
Targets: Ground
Range: 2
Move Speed: 2.5
Armor: 2

Image Napalm Rocket (Q)
Allows the Firebat hero to fire napalm rockets at enemy units and structure. Napalm rockets deal initial damage and damage over time.
Ability Type: Active
Requirements: Level 1, 3, 5
Range: 9
Energy cost: 45
Cooldown: 11
Level 1: Deals 18 (+1.8/lvl) initial damage plus 18 (+1.8/lvl) additional damage over 5 seconds.
Level 2: Deals 27 (+2.7/lvl) initial damage plus 27 (+2.7/lvl) additional damage over 5 seconds.
Level 3: Deals 36 (+3.6/lvl) initial damage plus 36 (+3.6/lvl) additional damage over 5 seconds.

Image Stimpack (W)
Increases the hero’s attack speed and movement speed for 15 seconds.
Ability Type: Active
Requirements: Level 1, 3, 5
Range: –
Energy cost: 25 and 10 Life
Cooldown: 15
Level 1: +35% attack speed and 5% movement speed
Level 2: +50% attack speed and 10% movement speed
Level 3: +65% attack speed and 15% movement speed

Image Incinerator Gauntlets (E)
Allows the Firebat hero’s flamethrower to deal splash damage to enemy units in the flamethrower’s path.
Ability Type: Passive
Requirements: Level 1, 3, 5
Range: –
Energy Cost: –
Cooldown: –
Level 1: Flamethrower deals 33% splash damage to enemy units.
Level 2: Flamethrower deals 66% splash damage to enemy units.
Level 3: Flamethrower deals 100% splash damage to enemy units.

Image Juggernaut Plating (R)
Reduces the damage the Firebat hero sustains.
Ability Type: Passive
Requirements: Level 1, 3, 5
Range: –
Energy Cost: –
Cooldown: –
Level 1: 10% damage reduction
Level 2: 20% damage reduction
Level 3: 30% damage reduction

Image Armageddon (T)
Allows the Firebat hero to cast armageddon. Armageddon deals damage to enemy units and structures in an area of radius 5 over 10 seconds.
Ability Type: Active
Requirements: Level 7, 14
Range: 9
Energy Cost: 120
Cooldown: 72
Level 1: Armageddon deals 108 (+10.8/lvl) damage
Level 2: Armageddon deals 162 (+16.2/lvl) damage

Skill Order for Laning


Explanation: When laning with the Firebat, its best to try to prioritize damaging the opposing hero over creeps. That is why I pick Napalm Rocket(Q) first here. Being able to dish out damage to them will also give you a bit of breathing room to be able to last-hit creeps.

Skill Order for Critters(EX, 2 patches Desert/3 Patches River)


Explanation: Juggernaut Plating(R) first for sustain, at level 2 save your skill point and at level 3 invest two skill points into Incinerator Gauntlets(E). Pull crits to bunkers while last-hitting until level 3. At level 3, kite and clear without bunkers.

Skill Order for Critters(EX, 3 patches on Desert)


Explanation: Here I prioritize movement speed and clear speed. As above, start clearing 2 critter patches at level 3 without aid of bunkers. After level 4/5 and first port back, you’ll be able to clear the 3 small patches on Desert with proper micro, stim and Jotun Boosters.

Core Items
Image Drop Pod – Drop this for another item once your team has After Burners.
Image Jotun Boosters – Adds .75 movement speed, every hero needs this.
ImageRegenerative Bio Steel – Increases life regeneration y 1.5 = (.15*level) per second. Allows for better lane and critter sustain.
Image Protective Shield – Friendly units and buildings within a radius of 4 take 15% less damage for 20 seconds. Scales up to 45% at level 20. Get this item if you find yourself getting bursted down easy.
Image Lockdown – Stuns enemy hero for 2.5 seconds. A must have for team fights and escaping enemies.
Image Psi Disrupter – Slows enemy units by 20%. Allows for easier escapes.
ImageOrbital Command – Creates an orbital command center that has the ability to call down mules, supply depots and use scanner sweep. Every Terran hero should get at least one of these early on. Its an investment that keeps on giving.

Situational Items

Image Devastator Missles – Passively attacks enemy air units in a range of 6 every two seconds. Great to have if you are vs air heroes. Funny to kill someone with lol.
Image Defensive Matrix – Creates a shield that can absorb up to 180 + (18*level) damage. Lasts 20 seconds. Idealy, you will have a good support team that will have this for you but sometimes a tank must do it himself.
ImageOcular Implants – Increases sight range by 4. A good filler in early game. Should get rid of it as soon as you can afford something better.
ImageUltra Capacitor – +2% damage, life, shields, energy, and energy regeneration. Another filler item. During early game fill any empty spots with one of these.

Early Game(Up to Level 7)
Ideally, you will want to start at crits. Pull crits to bunkers while last hitting as much as possible. At level 1 grab Juggernaut Plating(R). At level 2 save your skill point because the additional splash damage will make it harder to last hit crits pulled to your bunker. At level 3 grab 2 levels of Incinerator Gauntlets. Proceed to clear crits without pulling to bunkers by kiting. On your first port back to base, you should have at least 875 minerals. Buy Regenerative Bio Steel, Speed and level 1 attack. Crit until level 7, helping out your respective lane if needed. At level 7 go drop an ult on a double wave and port back to base.

Mid Game(Between Levels 7 and 14)
During the beginning stages of midgame, I personally transition back and forth between lane and crits. I’ll go drop an ult on a double wave, push the lane then port back when I get low on health. I then go back to crits until ult comes off of cooldown again. During this time you are still squishy so try your best not to get ganked. When possible, take out defensive structures such as cannons or bunkers while in lane. Continue to do this until a farming hero on your teams needs your crits. If no other player on your team needs farms, and no one grabs dom at 15 minutes to start up farms, then grab dom yourself and set up farms. After setting up farms you can stay in lane. If you grab dom and set up farms, your main priority is to stay alive until you become well fed.

Late Game(Level 14+)
If all went well in early and mid game, you should be well ahead of the rest of the game and reach your late game phase before anyone else. At level 14 you get your 2nd level of your ult and start to become a backdoor threat. Unfortunately, with recent backdoor changes, you will need ~50 stats to really do much to a base that has two levels of base defense. During late game, your job is to initiate good battles and threaten the backdoor. Transition between teamfighting and backdooring. Even if you can’t do much yet with a backdoor attempt, it will keep the opposing team on their P’s and Q’s. Its your job to initiate a favorable teamfight. NEVER target their tanky hero unless he is the only one left around. ALWAYS go for their high dps units or support units first. Medic, Ghost, Viking/Dark Templar, Dark Archon, Preserver/Lurker, Infestor, Broodling.

Laning Firebat
Sometimes you are in a situation when other heroes on your team can benefit more from critters than you can. No problem!! Laning phase for Firebat will be very passive against most heroes. As per laning skill order above, you will be picking up Napalm Rocket(Q) and Juggernaut Plating(R) over anything else. Feel free to get a level of Stim(W) if you need extra speed. Try to poke your opponent as much as possible with your (Q). Verses heroes such as viking, just try to stay in experience range. Against other heroes such as HT, you can be a bit more aggressive and even deny them if they allow you to. Your main goal here is not dying. Try to last hit creeps as much as possible but, above anything else, stay in experience range. Once you hit level 7, Laning Firebat transitions into critter firebat.

Backdooring is frowned upon by many pubs(lol) for being a backhanded way to win. Hero Attack stands apart from other MOBAS by having this aspect. To fill the role of a backdoor hero, you must have a good awareness of all enemy heroes. Ideally, you will want to pressure the backdoor when a teamfight starts. Its vital to get in and out very quick. As soon as the enemy team begins to port back you should make haste to leave. Backdooring allows your team to win more teamfights as well. When the enemy ports back to defend your attack, it will often leave the opposing team at a disadvatage with the teamfight and your team should be able to pick off one or two heroes. Good teamwork always helps. Try to get your teammates to ping your location if they see enemies port back to defend. Having an Orbital Command or two so that you can scan will also give you an advanced warning of when your enemies port back. Every player on a Terran team should have at least one anyway. The most important thing about backdooring is when you get 4 buildings down take down the main. Taking down other buildings will only deny your team feed.

View this video below of me playing Firebat in HA3X StarCraft 2 an In-House game :)


neo 18-01-2015, 06:46

Very helpful guide. When I decided to tryout the firebat, I used this information to get a base understanding of using him. You have no idea how much it helped. Not saying I’m great with the firebat but now I can say I don’t suck with him.

watermelon 13-01-2015, 20:59

even if enemy is short ranged too, atleast u get to bully them harder 😀

if they’re short range, like nydus melee, can get the splash instead. ‘e’ first, i suppose.

watermelon 13-01-2015, 20:47

he has an order for laning there. Q is the way to go laning – watermelon approved.

John 13-01-2015, 16:24

Nice guide, any tips on laning with fb although it’s not recommended, can’t always get dem critters =/

ArtVandelay 16-01-2015, 17:45

Nice guide. Laning is fine but you can have bad matchups for sure. You don’t want something with superior range. Gotta spam Q on them, I even max out energy upgrades early. The big thing is the burn damage because you cannot port out while getting damaged. Early on people might play risky and not port back when at half life or less, hanging out so they can get nydus, prism, etc before porting back. I catch a lot of people that way that are just close enough for exp without fully engaging. Don’t lane against something like Ghost or HT as you will never have energy.

Primo 18-01-2015, 11:17

@John, added. @Art, Its possible to do. I’ve gone 4-0 in lane vs DA in IH so I’ll add another section about risky matchups.

John 18-01-2015, 14:54

Oh wow ty bae, I learned something new today. I think laning fb will be difficult vs most heroes, them pokes are too real.

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