Primo’s Immortal Guide: How to Live up to the Name.

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I have returned.

Introduction: The Immortal Hero is a good solid hero that doesn’t get the respect it deserves. In several games I see players feeding hardand/or bashing the hero itself. It isn’t the strongest ganking hero but its definately the strongest tank Protoss has to offer. In this guide you will learn how to live up to the name of being an Immortal.

Core Items(Passive Item Build):
ImageWarp Out: No explanation needed.
Image Gravitic Booster: Add .75 movement speed. Almost every hero needs this.
ImageInterceptor: Gives you an interceptor of your own that attacks enemies within a radius of 6 dealing 2 attacks of 5.5 damage every 3 seconds.
This is item works so well with the Immortal helping you get good feed throughout the game while adding extra dps for ganking.
Image Hardened Shields: Adds 18% damage reduction to shields for the Immortal hero. This isn’t really required but its a safe item to have if you
are in need of a bit extra armor.
Image Life Crystal: Increases life regeneration by 1.5 + (.15 per level). I know what you’re thinking, life regen on a Protoss hero wtf Primo..
Just trust me we will get to this later.

Situational Items:
Image Soul Channel: Drains 20 (+2.25 per level) life/shields over 5 seconds from target enemy unit or structure and gives it to the caster as
life. The spell is canceled if the distance between the caster and the target exceeds 13 range or you are stunned. Great spell to poke
with. Also stuns with your passive (R) Phase Disrupters.
ImageEnergy Nova: Creates a shockwave of energy that deals 50 (+5 per level) damage to enemy non-structure units within a radius of 6.
You can get this if you are solo in pubs trying to carry. Wouldn’t be great to have with a team as it would take needed feed from your
Image Disruption Web: Enemy air heroes hit by the Disruption Web become grounded and cannot move for 5 seconds. Has an area of effect of 3.
Extra support is always a good thing to have.
Image Psitrous Oxide: Increases the hero’s timescale by 20% for 15 seconds. Adds that bit of extra speed you need to finish the kill or escape a
Image Purification Amulet: Stasis target allied unit for 1 second, removing all debuffs. Can be used while stunned. This Item is more op than it
I normally prioritize weapons over armor and energy just to be a bigger threat. The Immortal has a great damage reduction passive and a near
OP ULT so armor isn’t that necesarry until weapons and energy is maxed.

Ex. Level 5 attack -> Level 5 energy -> Level 5 armor -> Stats. Stats can come before maxing energy and armor.

Early game(1-10 minutes):
Help with the tower! Try to poke enemy heroes and last hit creeps as much as possible. You have range and a strong poke so not too many
heroes can out lane you early. Get Wrath of the Ancients first and either use it to farm creep waves or put even more pressure on enemy
heroes. Your first two items will be prism then speed. You can go soul channel after that to try to gank the enemy hero but it really takes
away from your Wrath of the Ancients with you having a small energy pool. You can either lane or crit with an Immortal but it’d be best to
save the crits for a hero that can better utilize them.
Mid game(10-20 minutes):
You should be level 7 by now and feeling pretty damn untouchable with your new ult Oblation. Don’t be mistaken, you can still get killed
quite easily. Continue to try to farm as much as possible and start to fill your tank role in team fights but don’t get killed here as it
can set you back to becoming a true Immortal.
Late game(30+ Minutes):
So you have survived the first 30 minutes without dying, have all your core items, at least level 5 weapons and can tank just about anything.
Its safe to say that you are now an Immortal! The only thing that should be able to kill you now is a chain stunlock. Try to absorb as much
damage as possible for your team while focusing on squishy heroes. Ignore the other tanks unless its the only hero around.

Skills and Skill Order:
Image Wrath of the Ancients(Q): Summons 6 immortals in a hexagonal pattern in a radius of 5. Lasts 5 seconds.
This is our bread and butter skill for damage output. Slightly useful for farming, very useful for damage output
on single units. When targeting heroes, try to get the directly in the center of fire.
Soul Link(W): Soul link that grants the targeted hero bonus damage reduction. I honestly don’t even use this skill 95% of the time. As
Immortal you should be doing the tanking and not another unit. It can be useful when used in tandem with the Archon or Carrier hero.
Image Hardened Shields(E): Increases damage reduction of your shields. Great skill to have on a tank hero.
Image Phase Disrupters(R): Grants the Immortal Hero bonus damage vs heroes and a chance to stun with any attack. Fantasic skill. When used with
Soul Channel and Wrath of the Ancients, you can become a real threat to the enemy.
ImageOblation(T): Allows the Immortal to convert health to shields. By far the most outstanding of the Immortal’s abilities, when coupled with
Life Crystal you can use this over and over again to stay in the field almost indefinately.

Build Order EX:

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