Primo’s Medic – The Doctor Is In.

The Doctor is in.

The Doctor is in.



The Medic Hero is the best support hero Terran has to offer. She has DoT, stuns, cloak reveal, health restoration and a very high skill cap.
In this guide we will go over how to play medic as a support/pseudo carry hero.

I won’t be going over skills explanation in this guide. Please refer to this fine guide –  Achilles’s Seductive and Sexy Medick Guide

Core Items
ImageDrop Pod– Drop this once you have afterburners.
ImageJotun Boosters– Adds .75 to hero speed. Every hero needs this.
Image Lockdown– Stuns OP, stuns heroes for 2.5 seconds.
Image Domination– Like Dark Archon mind control but for Terran with a 180 supply limit.
Image Defense Matrix– Creates a shield that absorbs 180 + (18*level) damage. Lasts 20 seconds.
Image Yamato Gun– Fires a Yamato Cannon!!! Deals 120 = (20*level) damage. Has a channel time of 3 seconds and a range of 10. Will continue to
channel and target enemy as long as you have vision(orbital scans ftw).

Other Important Items you may want
Image Sensor Tower – Consumable that creates a Sensor tower. Has a radar of 20 range and detects cloaked units in a range of 20. Disregard if you aren’t against any cloaked heroes.
ImageOrbital Command – Creates an Orbital Command with the abilities to call down mules, supply depots and use scanner sweep. Can’t stress enough how important this item is for all terran heroes. Everyone should get at least one of these early on.

Energy=Armor then stats. You don’t even need weapons to be an effective medic.

Early Game(up to ~10 minute mark)
It would be optimal if you can start in a critter patch but don’t take critters if they have other heroes that need them more. Last hitting
crits is very easy with Medic. Refer to video below for last hits in a small critter patch.
Laning isn’t too hard with medic. First Item will always be domination so you can have more of a lane presence and start an early push.
Other than that, you will just irradiate the enemy lanners and try to stay in exp range as much as possible. Once you have a good army
built of stalkers, tanks, or roaches you can start focusing on ganks. Your main goal is not losing your army.
Mid Game(~10-20 minutes)
It will be around the 10 mark where you hit level 7 and you can start using your ult. Now you can start being really aggressive with your
army while using your ult to heal them after battles. At 15 minutes, grab yourself a flying unit or two and send them to farm if your team doesn’t
have a farm hero or they aren’t farming. Much like the early game, your main goal is not losing your army.
Late Game(~20+ minutes)
You should have all your core items by now. Be sure to buy at least one orbital to help with yamato and keeping expos safe. It will be
progressively harder to keep a full army around with good aoe heroes becoming more fed. If you are having too much trouble, just keep
domination for farming purposes and team up with a good teammate of your choice. It now becomes your job to make plays and to keep your
team alive.

The Medic role
Its your job, as a medic, to keep your entire team alive. In team fights do not initiate. That is the tank’s job. The enemy team SHOULD
focus one of your allies down. Use defense matrix on him then once him or another teammate gets low again, use restoration. Try to target
most of your teammates as possible with restoration. Medic is also a stun bot. Keep priority targest stunned. Only use irradiate if they
are about to escape as it keeps them from porting and may kill them.

See my killstreak video below :)

Medic 16-0




ArtVandelay 23-12-2014, 09:03

Medic looks and sounds better though 😯

HeloX 19-12-2014, 09:00

I give banshee the edge, b/c it can also use dom/ld/Yamato. Has a decent AoE skill and Opdrones are well.. op. And the combo of flight and cloak gives it more survivability…longer you are alive in the game more of an effect you can have. just my opinion

But I will say Achillies plays a mean medic. That Ih game with the medic/banshee combo was too op.

Primo 19-12-2014, 06:20

Badshee got a buff I dont know about? 😉

Consilience 18-12-2014, 21:42
HeloX 18-12-2014, 21:04

Banshee disagrees!

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