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Welcome everyone~!

Spectre is probably one of the most swift and annoying heroes of Terran race in Hero Attack. Spectre has a strong fire power (damage) at the beginning of the game. Most of the time, however, Spectre is usually a supporting type of hero. And I will show you how to play Spectre like a BOSS!

SKILL ORDER: R – Q – R – W – R – E – R – T – E – W – E – W (I go ‘T’ skill at level 8, after mastering cloaking ability)


Image Q [Mind Blast] – This skill doesn’t give any damage to the enemy heroes or creeps, but it attacks the mind of enemy units. This skill gives enemy units a stun for about 3-5 seconds. When you use this skill to the enemy hero, the enemy hero can’t move or use any skills while getting mind blast. It is very useful when you chase or gank with your teammates.

Image W [Ultrasonic Pulse] – This skill sounds very complicated. But skill ‘W’ is like ’emp’ skill for Ghost Hero. However, this skill does less damage to the enemy units than ghost’s skill. It becomes unlimited skill as Spectre levels up due to its short cool down time!

Image E [Terrazine Augment] – This skill enables you to have an unlimited mana. Every time your hero uses skills ‘W’, the mana increases more than you use the skill (if you master this skill).

Image R [Cloak] – Cloaking. Along with cloaking, this skill increases the moving speed of Spectre temporarily when you cloak for a couple seconds. It is good when you chase a hero in an early game.

ImageT [Psionic Lash – Ult Skill] – Ult Skill. It gives a significant amount of damage to enemy hero. T skill also slows down the enemy unit’s moving speed temporarily. (Use this skill when the enemy hero’s hp is low)

*Most people go “W” skill first, but I think that just wastes mana of Spectre. It forces you to go back to the base when the mana is out. Cloaking only requires 20 mana. Also cloaking forces enemy heroes to buy tower or observer, which makes them spend money.



Image 1. Jotun Booster (Increase Moving Speed of Hero)

Image 2. Celluar Reactor (Increase Attack Speed!)

Image 3. Regenerative Bio-Steel (Regenerating HP of Hero)

Image4. Lockdown (Literally “lock” an enemy hero down)

5. Whatever you want.


ENHANCEMENT (by order)

Image 1. Damage Level 3

Image 2. Armor Level 2

Image3. Master Damage

Image 4. Master Armor

Image5. Master Mana


*In early game, be aggressive by using cloak ability and hit the enemy hero as much as you can.

*Get exp. as much as you can to level up and snipe enemy heroes.

*Once you master E and upped W skill, spam ‘W’ and give some harassment to enemy heroes.

*Make sure you gank with other teammates.

*Try not to KS like me, cuz your teammates will rage (:.



MoiMap 20-12-2014, 19:59

very bad guide ;p

MoiMap 20-12-2014, 20:00

can you be more specify on mindset, skill order , skills combo ……,

CaptPlanet 20-12-2014, 22:16

Do I know you?

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