Warhound Guide by Maigoh

The warhound hero can be absolutely deadly in the early and middle game, but it can fall off quickly in the late game if you don’t keep up. Its skills rely a little bit on luck, but you can do a lot to tip the odds in your favour.

Health: 200
Energy: 125
Damage: 14
Attack speed: 1.3
Range: 6
Targets: Ground
DPS: 10.8
Armour: 3
Move speed: 2.25

Q: Blitz
Allows the warhound hero to use blitz. The hero charges forward to a distance of 10, pushing all units in front of it along. Deals minor damage to enemy units.
Energy cost: 40

Level 1: Deals 10 damage, 20 second cooldown
Level 2: Deals 20 damage, 15 second cooldown
Level 3: Deals 30 damage, 10 second cooldown

W: Cyclone missiles
Allows the warhound her to use cyclone missiles. The hero launches 4 electrically charged missiles at an enemy unit, dealing damage, stunning for 1 second, and marking for 15 seconds. Haywire missiles have a chance of ignoring targeting restrictions on marked units. The debuff is automatically removed if the target moves more than 15 range away.
Range: 7
Energy cost: 40
Cooldown: 15

Level 1: 30 damage (+3 per level), 10% chance to ignore
Level 2: 40 damage (+4 per level), 20% chance to ignore
Level 3: 50 damage (+5 per level), 30% chance to ignore

E: Haywire missiles
Allows the warhound hero to use haywire missiles. The hero launches 3 electrically charged missiles at a random enemy unit in a range of 10, dealing damage. Has a chance of launching additional volleys, heroic units will only be targeted by haywire a maximum of 3 times.
Energy cost: 10
Cooldown: 5

Level 1: 15 damage (+1.5 per level), 25% chance of recast
Level 2: 30 damage (+3 per level), 50% chance of recast
Level 3: 45 damage (+4.5 per level), 75% chance of recast

R: Ablative plating
Every 5 seconds when out of combat, the warhound hero gains 1 armour and 10% bonus damage reduction up to a maximum of 10 times. Has a chance of losing 1 stack every time the hero takes damage.

Level 1: 90% chance of loss
Level 2: 70% chance of loss
Level 3: 50% chance of loss

T: Bolt storm
Allows the warhound hero to use bolt storm.
Releases 60 bolt missiles in multiple volleys of (?) that randomly target enemy units in 7 range. Bolt missiles deal between 3 (+0.3 per level) and 7 (+0.7 per level) damage each and have a chance of ignoring target damage reduction. Marked units have doubled chance to pierce.
Energy cost: 60
Cooldown: 45

Level 1: 3 missiles per volley, 20% chance to pierce
Level 2: 2 missiles per volley, 30% chance to pierce

Analysis of skills:

Q: This is a great mobility aide. It propels you forward in the direction you are facing to a distance of 10 range, no matter what is in between. This means that you can move up cliffs or across canyons as if they didn’t exist. This skill will provide you with a lot of your feed.

The downside with this is that you cannot target your location, so if you happen to face the wrong way, you’ll go backwards. This will happen especially if you right-click onto higher terrain or behind enemy units. To prevent this, right-click only directly in front of your hero until you face the direction you want to go, then press Q.

***CAUTION*** At the time of writing of this guide on Feb-15-2015, Q is currently bugged. It does not do full damage (for whatever reason) until E is fully maxed. Until E is maxed, it only does level 1 damage.

W: This is a good poking utility and has a small stun. It’s not the most damaging thing in the game, and the number for damage dealt is the total damage from all missiles. This is probably the skill I rely on the least.

E: This is the bread and butter feed spell for warhound until Q gets really powerful. You stop moving when you’re using it, so don’t use it when you’re trying to get away. This skill also requires a lot on luck, but for a 10 energy spell it’s ridiculously powerful.

You can use this the first time you run into a creep wave, but the best time is to use it when the only target around is an enemy hero, because then all the missiles will target that hero. So if you manage to kill all the creep and the hero is left, spam this spell as much as you can.

One caveat with this spell is that if there is no enemy unit around, it will still cast and will be on cooldown, and you’ll have wasted it. So be sure that there is something in 10 range before you hit E.

R: The best damage reduction skill in the game. Get a single level of this early in the game, because it will constantly stack your armour reduction as long as you’re not taking damage. You can still shoot, and you’ll be behind your marines, allowing you to build up armour. Why it this important? Well, with 90% damage reduction, you basically won’t take any damage in your lane, and you’re impossible to gank in the early stages (as long as you have Q to help you get away).

Don’t get more than 1 level early game, because that’s a waste of skill points. Even with level 1, you get 90% damage reduction the first time you get hit. You’ll have 80% damage reduction the second time, and 70% damage reduction the third time. Any hero you’re facing won’t be able to take down your damage fast enough before you kill them. The exception is summons that can surround you (zergling/pred/dark zealot), so you should use Q in that instance to escape. Carrier will also take down your armour pretty quickly if it knows how to play.

T: This is a pretty weak ultimate, to be honest. On average it does 300 (+30 per level) damage, but you can’t focus on this on a single target, and you don’t move for the duration of the spell. The only time this is useful is if you get a lockdown and they’re the only target around for miles. Kind of like defiler’s ultimate.

Skill order:

Crittering: Not your strong point. Build skills according to the races you’ll fight after crittering is over.
Terran: E, R, E, Q, E, Q, T, Q, W, R, W, R, W, T
Zerg: E, R, E, Q, Q, Q, T, E, W, R, W, R, W, T
Protoss: E, R, E, W, E, W, T, W, R, R, Q, Q, Q, T

Laning counterparts:

Strong against:
Pretty much everything. The slower the attack rate, the stronger you are against them (due to your damage reduction). Reaver is cannon fodder to you.

Weak against:
Nothing. Nothing? Nothing. Maybe Raven. I seriously can’t think of a hero I’ve had trouble laning against.



Oh god why would you ever do this? You have no skills (speed or splash) that would make crittering easy for you. If you are really forced to do this (because your teammates won’t give up their lanes) then just get 3 bunkers asap and draw critters back to the bunkers.


Not an inherent skill for Warhound. Use bunkers/dom if you wish. Warhound does a pretty good job of staying alive so dom is actually a viable option.

Early game:
There’s two ways to do this. You can either try and poke the enemy hero (which doesn’t really work for protoss or zerg since they have infinite health with their fast transport and you don’t have any really good pokes) or you can try and kill the creep first and then shoot your enemy full of missiles from E. I vote this method since you’ll somewhat get farm from the creeps and you can use your missiles.

Get R second so you can start building up your armour plating. This is where it gets really fun depending on which hero you’re facing, because they will do very little damage to you if you have full armour stacks. Watch out for hits from creep because those will take your armour down quickly.

Getting a level of energy or two will help you to spam E for much longer. Against terran and zerg, start levelling up Q so you can use it in the mid game.

Items: Port, Speed, +2%, +2%, +2%
Weapons: 1-3
Armour: 0
Energy: 1-2

Mid game:
At this point, your Q should be powerful enough. You want to be able to rush into a wave with Q, kill a bunch of creep, and use E to finish the rest off. This will allow to to clear waves the fastest, and you can eventually clear double waves. Against protoss, this doesn’t really work, so just spam E and use W to poke the heroes. You won’t be able to clear protoss waves until Q does massive amounts of damage.

You’ll start taking some damage since you are charging right into the enemy creep, but your armour stacks and native 3 armour will help a bit. Still, you will need to watch out for ganks and use Q to escape.

Items: Port, Speed, Health Regen, Personal Shields, Concussive
Weapons: 1-3
Armour: 1-3
Energy: 2-5

Late game:
You should be using Q as much as you can to get as much feed as you can. There’s not too much to write here. If you see an enemy hero on their own, take it down with E or T. Use W to initiate to stun and help E ignore armour. Use a lockdown before you use T so they can’t run away.

Stick with your team otherwise. You have a pretty decent energy pool for damage-heavy hero, so bring lockdown and DMatrix with you to help out your teammates.

Like I said, Warhound can fall off pretty quickly if you don’t keep up, so try and get as much feed as you possibly can. You can 1v1 most heroes pretty easily but don’t try against 2 or 3.

Items: Speed, Lockdown, DMatrix, Sensor Towers/Health/Air Strike/Dom

Specific things:

If you get your armour up, the reaver basically can’t touch you. Your auto-attack doesn’t outrange the reaver, but your W and E missiles do. Kill the transport, then lockdown the reaver so it can’t make another one quickly, and take it down with your missiles.

Move back a bit so that only the interceptors are within range of your E missiles, and then spam E. It’s a war of attrition at this point, but you will win. The carrier will be out of interceptors, and then you can move in for your kill.

One hero hidden in a large creep wave:
Use a combination of Q and Air Strike to kill all the creep, then use your E and T missiles to focus on the remaining hero. This takes some practice with timing, but the good news is that Q will push enemy units into your destination, so target that spot with your Air Strike.

Fighting enemy heroes:
Watch out for your armour! Because of your initial armour and damage reduction, you won’t be taking much damage for the first 3-5 seconds. However, once your armour reduction stacks are gone, the damage will really pile up. Don’t get fooled into thinking that your damage reduction will last the entire battle, or you’ll die quickly.

Basic gameplan goes like this: Spam E until Q is powerful enough. Spam Q as much as you can. Travel with team. Win teamfights. Win.

How to play against Warhound:

Never, ever travel alone. If you are laning against Warhound, and your creep are about to die, run away. If you are the only target within 10 range of Warhound you can likely expect to die. Stun if you must, and then get away.

To kill the Warhound, gank it when your creep are nearby or you have something else to soak up the damage (like summons or a Dom/MC army). There is no guarantee that the Warhound will or will not target you with its missiles, but you can decrease the chances that it will.

When you do start hitting the Warhound, don’t get discouraged by the fact that it isn’t taking much damage. Get as many hits as you can quickly to take out the armour stacked up the Warhound, and then it’ll be open season. If the warhound turns around, it’s about to try and escape, so you should stun it before it can escape with Q.


Primo 19-02-2015, 18:51

Nice guide. I’d have to say though, there are a few heroes that will make your life a living hell as Warhound. If you are against a competent Defiler, Predator, Dark Templar, Dark Archon, Mutalisk, Marine or Zergling you might as well hang it up.

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