Zergling Hero – Primo’s Guide to Being Useful


A zergling.


The zergling hero is one of my favorites and definately one of the best heroes zerg has to offer. No other hero can critter as well the zergling hero. It can gank, control the map, backdoor, split push and is just really unfair. I’ve taken down full pubstomp parties with this hero several times and is damn near OP. In this guide we will cover everything from the basics to the advanced tactics.





Core Items:
Image Vampirism: 15% life steal, this allows for more sustain, most important item.
Image Glaive Wurms: Passively attacks units in a range of 3 every 3 seconds and bounces up to 3 times. This item helps you clear insanely fast.
It also makes you a threat to air.
Image Frenzy: Increases all allies attack and movement speed by 6% in a range of 8. Speed is everything for the zergling hero nuff said.
Image Enhanced Cellular Life: 25% extra life. This will give your lings more survivability.
Image Overseer/ImageVenom: If you have a few cloaked heroes you will want obs over venom 100%. Even if not, you can lay out obs for your team to help with map vision. Venom makes your attack slow the enemy by 12.5% for 2 seconds, does not stack. This is very useful for getting that surround on fast heroes.

Situational Items:
Spawn Broodlings: Fires a pair of broodlings that last 20 seconds(unless killed), stuns the target 1.5 seconds and deals 20 + ( 2 x level). If you are vs a hero that is faster than you… Helion… Use this item to get the surround or just run from him.
Spawn Scourges: Creates a pair of scourges with timed life of 180 seconds and deals 60 + (6 x level). Is your team having a bad day with air? This item is for you.
Nydus: Also good to bring one if you are planning on backdooring :) or if you are playing with a group.

Armor/Weapons/Energy: After getting core items, max out armor. This should be easily done before 15 mins. At the 15 minute mark, horde stats while getting the occasional energy upgrade. Attack falls in last behind energy as its your summons that do most of your dps. test


Zergling role:
A good Zergling has many roles to fill for his team.
Map control: Its your job to control the map for your team. Keep towers in your teams control. Lay down observers on your side of the map for a good warning of other backdooring heroes. Push lanes hard. Snipe defensive structures.
Backdooring: Its one of the main roles of the zergling hero. Many pub players hate this aspect but its a great way to win.
Ganking: Ground heroes? RIP Air heroes after level 14? RIP
Farming: You can farm better than any other hero. ALWAYS have your mind on farming. Get a good lead on the enemy team and
it will make you that much harder to deal with.

Early game:
Try to get you a good critter spot. Small critters preferebly. Zergling hero can lane also but it really shines on crits. Ok so
that we are set up with a good critter spot, pull to cannons and try to last hit as much as possible. Continue to do this until level 2.
At level 2, you can freely farm until you get your first basic core items. Vamp or glaive wurms always come first. Vamp will allow your
lings to survive, glaive will allow you to clear faster. After you have at least vamp or glaive wurms, keep an eye on your respective lane.
Don’t be hesitate to leave your crits to help push the lane if they are having trouble. By level 5 you will be faster than any other hero
so take as many opportunities to gank enemy laners as you can. This will help your team snowball. Every gank counts.

Mid Game:
You should be freely roaming the map by now. Push lanes, snipe defensive structures, lay obs, even pressure the backdoor if your team is getting pushed hard. Gank any slow heroes.

Late game:
You should be level 20 by now if the game hasn’t ended already. Start looking for the win here. Send your summoned lings into the
enemy base while still farming with your two heroes. This will make the enemy team port back just to deal with your summons. You lose no farming time so you keep snowballing even farther. It also helps your team push their lanes without opposing heroes there.

Skills and skill order:
ImageDevour(Q): Nothing much of note here. Get this skill last, set it on autocast.
Image Spawn Zerglings(W): This is your bread and butter. Max this after speed. Set on autocast once you can maintain it.
Image Adrenal Glands(E): This increases you and your summons attack speed.
Image Metabolic Boots(R): SPEED BOOST!!!: Most important skill. Max this first.
Image Wings(T): Lets your jump cliffs. At level 14 it becomes castable and you can now hit air heroes.

Skill Order vs any race:
W,R,R,W,R,W,T,Z(max this),T,E,E,E,Q,Q,Q




Primo 07-12-2014, 12:21

Lol. What is 1v1?

John 06-12-2014, 14:41

I heard RippingFlesh beat Primo 1v1 lings, dis true?

Consilience 06-12-2014, 14:40

Agree with everything. The really annoying zergling players know when to send summons into opposing base. For maximum effectiveness (and opponent rage), stay on their half of the map running around clearing lanes and critters. Whenever there’s a team fight, send summons into base to force retreat. After they clear summons, wait for them to rejoin the battlefield then send again. Rinse and repeat while your two heroes farm.

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